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(2017) Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry
Banfield J, Anantharaman K, Andeer P, Arbour T, Brown C, Burstein D, Castelle C, Diamond S, Fakra S, Firestone M, Gilbert B, Kantor R, Lavi A, Matheus Carnevali P, Northen T, Probst A, Starr E, Thomas B, Warren L & Williams K
This presentation is the V.M. Goldschmidt Award. Awarded during plenary on Wednesday 16th August

(2014) Bacteria-Mineral Interactions at Sulfide Surfaces in Carbonate- Bearing Waste Rock
Dockrey J, Lindsay M, Mayer U, Beckie R, Norlund K, Warren L & Southam G

(2012) Bacterial H2S Generation in Oil Sands Process Wastes: Where Does it Begin?
Colenbrander Nelson T, Holland SP, Kendra K, Stephenson K, Penner T & Warren LA

(2012) Bacterial Diversity in Athabasca Oil Sands Composite Tailings Components
Holland S, Colenbrander Nelson T, Stephenson K, Kendra K, Penner T & Warren L

(2012) Microbial-Mineral-Metal Interactions in Suspended Aquatic Floc
Elliott AVC, Plach JM, Droppo IG & Warren LA

(2012) Temporal Variation of Sulfur and Iron Metabolisms within Composite Tailings and Overlying Sand Cap at Syncrude's Mildred Lake Property
Stephenson K, Kendra K, Colenbrander-Nelson T, Amores R, Holland S, Penner T & Warren L

(2012) Microbial Hydrogen Sulfide Generation within Syncrude Composite Tailings
Kendra K, Stephenson K, Colenbrander Nelson T, Amores R, Holland S, Penner T & Warren L

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2016 - Theme 15: Environmental Geochemistry and Anthropogenic Impacts
Goldschmidt2008 - Theme 19: Biogeochemistry

Session convener

Goldschmidt2013 - Session 10f: Microbe/Mineral Interfaces and their Role in Biomineralization Processes
Goldschmidt2008 - Session 19a: Metal Ions and Bacteria. A Tribute to Terry Beveridge
Goldschmidt2008 - Session 19c: Advances in in situ Detection and Analyses of Carbon Associated with Microbial Biosignatures