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Vickie C. Bennett is the Head of the Isotope Geochemistry Group and Associate Director at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University. Her activities are focussed on the application of mass spectrometry and radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry to solving key questions about the early Earth, including: What was the origin and evolution of the Earth's continental crust? How and when did the various mantle chemical reservoirs form and evolve? How have the lithosphere and biosphere co-evolved? Answering these questions entails integrating geologic observations with a range of isotopic investigations preserved in Earth’s oldest (>3,500 million years old) rock record. Her main field focus is on the Archean terranes of southwest Greenland, but she has also worked in Western Australia, southwest U.S. and Antarctica. Dr. Bennett is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the Geochemical Society.
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(2019) Helium Isotope Signatures of the Mantle Transition Zone
Timmerman S, Honda M, Burnham A, Amelin Y, Woodland S, Pearson G, Jaques L, Le Losq C, Bennett V, Bulanova G, Smith C, Harris J & Tohver E

(2012) Stable Isotopes of Platinum: A New Geochemical and Cosmochemical Tracer?
Creech J, Handler M, Baker J, Corcoran L & Bennett V

(2009) Probing the Conditions of Mantle Melting with Iron Isotopes
Dauphas N, Craddock P, Asimow P, Bennett V, Nutman A & Ohnenstetter D

(2008) Stable Mg Isotope Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Handler M, Baker J, Schiller M, Bennett V & Yaxley G

(2006) Akilia - earliest life and its abode?
Nutman A, Friend C & Bennett V

(2006) The 142Nd record of Hadean zircons
Caro G, Bennett V, Bourdon B, Harrison M & Mojzsis S

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