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Tamsin A. Mather is a volcanologist in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. She has an M.Sci. in Chemistry, an M.Phil in History and Philosophy of Science and received her PhD from the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University, UK, in 2004. Following a short secondment to the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, she commenced a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship in Cambridge. In 2006 she joined the faculty in the University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences. Tamsin's interests include: the atmospheric chemistry of volcanic plumes; quantifying and understanding the volcanic fluxes of chemical species of environmental importance over different temporal and spatial scales and their effects and roles in global geochemical cycles; volcanic degassing processes and the formation of volcanic aerosol; the cycling of volatiles through subduction zones; patterns and forcing of volcanism on the arc scale and multi-parameter studies of volcanic deformation in order to understand the physical processes of magma movement and storage and the structure and stability of volcanic edifices.
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(2020) Multiple S Isotopes and Hg Geochemistry at the Terrestrial Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction
Dal Corso J, Newton RJ, Chu D, Wignall PB, Zerkle AL, Claire M, Di Rocco T, He T, Mather TA, Mills BJW, Jamieson RA & Tong J

(2019) Evaluating the Source of the Mercury Spike at the p-T Boundary
Dal Corso J, Chu D, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, Tong J, Mather TA, Shu W, Wu Y & Wignall PB

(2019) Aerosol Chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption – From Source to Exposed Communities
Mason E, Ilyinskaya E, Whitty RCW, Wieser P, Liu E, Edmonds M, Mather T, Elias T, Nadeau P, Kern C, Schneider DJ & Oppenheimer C

(2019) Sedimentary Markers of Ocean Plateau Volcanism during the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Percival L, Tedeschi L, Creaser R, van Helmond N, Snoeck C, Debaille V, Mattielli N, Bottini C, Erba E, Goderis S, Mather T, Jenkyns H & Claeys P

(2019) Are Mercury Anomalies a Reliable Proxy for LIP Volcanism? Examples from the End-Permian and Early Triassic
Jones M, Turner H, Hammer Ø, Bucher H, Schneebeli-Hermann E, Mather T, Svensen H & Planke S

(2018) Fe-Redox in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions and Embayments Across the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone
Turner S, Humphreys M, Matzen A, Di Genova D, Iveson A, Smythe D, Mather T & Pyle D

(2017) Comparing Records of End-Cretaceous and End-Permian Volcanism
Percival L, Jenkyns H, Mather T, Robinson S, Batenburg S, Woelders L & Hesselbo S

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