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Roberta Rudnick is a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on the origin and evolution of the continents, particularly the lower continental crust and the underlying mantle lithosphere. Emphasis is placed on integration of data from a wide diversity of sources, including petrography, petrology, major and trace element geochemistry, stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, and geophysics in order to determine the bulk composition of the crust, the processes that have influenced its composition through time, and why the Earth has continents. Roberta is an elected Fellow of a number of professional societies, including the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the US National Academy of Sciences, and a foreign associate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
(2018) Potassium Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust
Huang T-Y, Teng F-Z, Rudnick R, Chen X-Y, Hu Y, Liu Y-S & Wu F-Y

(2018) The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present
Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R

(2012) Novel Insights on a Traditional Proxy: Combining the Stable and Radiogenic Sr Isotope Systems to Characterise Continental Weathering
Pearce C, Parkinson I, Burton K, Stevenson E, Gaillardet J, Rudnick R, West J & Hammond D

(2007) Recycling Deep Cratonic Lithosphere and Generation of Intraplate Magmatism
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu W-L, Yuan H-L, Liu Y-S, Puchtel I, Liu X-M, Huang H & Wang X-R

(2007) Sodic Pyroxene and Sodic Amphibole as Potential Micro-Analytical Reference Material for Li Isotopes
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, Ludwig T, Marschall H, Zack T, Halama R, McDonough WF, Rost D, Wenzel T & Vicenzi EP

(2006) Re-Os evidence for age and origin of peridotites from the Dabie-Sulu UHP belt
Yuan H, Gao S, Rudnick RL, Jin Z & Walker RJ

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