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    Tetsuo Irifune (Ehime University, Japan)

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(2017) Phase Diagram and Melting of NiSi up to 115 GPa
Briggs R, Boccato S, Giampaoli R, Irifune T, Ishimatsu N, Lord O, Rosa A, Torchio R & Pascarelli S

(2017) Do Fe-Bearing Minerals Control the Deep Carbon Cycle in the Interior of the Earth?
Stagno V, McCammon CA, Cerantola V, Andreozzi GB, Caruso M, Arimoto T & Irifune T

(2017) From Carbon in Meteorites to Carbonatite Rocks on Earth
Stagno V, Kono Y, Greaux S, Kebukawa Y, Stopponi V, Scarlato P, Lustrino M & Irifune T

(2017) Element Absorption and Release during Serpentine Involved Reactions: Element Cycles in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl SM, Rosa AD, Louvel M, Merkulova M, Krstulovic M, Munoz M, Wilke M & Irifune T

(2015) Structural Properties of Carbonate-Silicate Melts: An EXAFS Study on Y and Sr
Pohlenz J, Pascarelli S, Mathon O, Belin S, Shiryaev A, Safonov O, Veligzhanin A, Murzin V, Irifune T & Wilke M

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