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(2022) Ecosystem-To-Global Scale Modeling of Vegetation-Climate Feedbacks during the Late Paleozoic Ice Age with Fossil-Based Plant Functional Types
Macarewich SI, Poulsen CJ, Matthaeus WJ, Richey JD, White J, Montañez IP, DiMichele WA, Hren MT, McElwain JC & Wilson JP

(2014) Multi-Cave Stalagmite Records of Deglacial Climate in California
Montanez I, Oster J, Wong C, Santare L, Cooper K, Sharp W & Potter G


Goldschmidt2016: Geochemical Fellows 2016

Session convener

Goldschmidt2014 - Session 09d: Advances in Chemical, Biologic and Biogeochemical Proxies for Terrestrial Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Goldschmidt2010 - Session 12e: Marine-Terrestrial Archives of ‘Deep-Time’ Climate Change