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    Come early, and participate in a full day of activities for students and post-docs on the Sunday preceding the conference! The fee is very modest (2500 JPY, about $21 US or 19€), and lunch will be provided. Program is open to both students and post-docs, though students will be given priority if space is limited. The activities being planned are listed below.

    - Short courses given by some of the world's leading geochemists. In these courses, co-sponsored by Nu Instruments Japan and JAMSTEC, Participants will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with renowned experts in their field. Each course will last from 10:00-15:00, with a break for lunch. Space will be limited to 25 participants per course. The speakers and subjects are:

    Lecturer Subject   Link
    Rich Walker Cosmochemistry   Lecturer Website
    Alex Halliday Isotope Geochemistry   Lecturer Website
    Takeshi Nakagawa Palaeoclimatology   Lecturer Website
    Marc Hirschmann High Pressure Geochemistry   Lecturer Website

    Nu.jpg JAMSTEC.jpg

    - Expanded publication workshop. This workshop, co-sponsored and jointly organized by Elsevier and Wiley, will include lectures and discussions led by several editors and publishers of leading Earth science journals. The morning session will cover the nuts and bolts of writing an article, including an introduction to the publishing cycle, tips from editors on how to prepare a manuscript likely to be published (including choosing the right journal) and suggestions on how to deal with comments from reviewers. After lunch, the discussion will include subjects such as author rights, open access publishing, publication ethics, getting your paper noticed, and impact factor and metrics.

    Elsevier V Small.jpg Wiley_Wordmark_white.jpg

    - Oral presentation workshop for non-anglophone students. Giving a talk at Goldschmidt can be a daunting prospect for students, particularly for those whose first language is not English. During this workshop, students will practice their talks in small groups led by young anglophone scientists experienced in giving oral presentations. Group leaders will be trained and coordinated by a professional English language instructor. This workshop is sponsored by Elsevier.

    Elsevier V Small.jpg


    - Mentoring program. This very popular program, first introduced at the 2014 Goldschmidt Conference, will be continued in Yokohama. This program pairs students and post-docs with more experienced scientists, with the aim of helping the young scientist get the most out of the meeting. Two mentoring lunches are planned.

    - Meet the plenary. Have lunch with the plenary! This program, which was a great hit at the 2015 Prague Goldschmidt, provides an opportunity for students to interact with the day's plenary speaker. Participants are limited to 10 per day to assure a relaxed, informal atmosphere in which everyone has a chance to talk. Details on how to apply for a place will be circulated.

    - The Student Helper team Contribute to the conference by helping out on our student volunteer team. If you have excellent spoken English and are willing to spend 4-6 days of the conference helping it run then please apply to be on the team. Accepted volunteers will get waived registration and a small contribution towards their travel and accommodation costs. Click here and fill in the application form. Volunteers will have the time to attend some sessions at the conference. Please select the sessions that you are interested in attending, and every effort will be made to arrange the schedule to enable you to be free on these days.


    To encourage the participation of as many young scientists as possible at the conference, substantial financial assistance will be made available. Please don't hesitate to apply if you feel that this would be helpful. Click here for more information about grants.

    We sincerely thank the following donors whose support allowed many young scientists to attend the Goldschmidt Conference:

    Science Council of Japan
    Tokyo Geographical Society
    Donors to the GS student travel fund

    These generous gifts were supplemented by the conference budget to allow as many students as possible to participate.

  • Field Trips

    The field trips listed below are run by fellow geochemists, and organised by our partner company JTB Global Marketing and Travel. All bookings will be taken through the JTB website, which has a separate website and payment system. Any queries about field trips, or payment for fields trips, should be directed to JTB. Field trip booking is now open, please click the button below to visit the JTB booking page.

    Please note that the field trips may be cancelled if applications do not reach the minimum number of participants required.

    Notification of the final availability of each field trip will be sent to applicants AFTER MAY 9th by email.

    Full payment is required at the time of booking as a deposit, but this fee will be fully refunded if the field trip is cancelled. If the trip you have booked does not run you may be able to transfer your booking to another trip and correct the payment difference at that point (partial refund or extra payment).

    Please note that each field trip has been given a demand rating which indicates the exertion required.

    Demand   Example
    *   Short walks to and from coach
    **   Unpaved, narrow paths including some trails to outcrops or ship travel
    ***   Long mountainous routes included

    Go To The JTB Website

  • Meetings

    Meetings of groups at the conference which may be attended by all.

  • Meetings - private

    Meetings of groups at the conference which may be attended by invitation only such as board, council or special interest group meetings.

  • Social Events

    A selection of social events will be available at Goldschmidt 2016. The highlight of which will be the annual conference banquet.

    There are more events still to be confirmed, one of which will be a cruise around the magnificent Yokohama harbour. These events will be uploaded here once the details have been finalized.

    In addition to the ticketed events, the Taste of Japan series of events will introduce each poster session and all delegates are welcome.

  • Workshops

    A number of workshops are running before and after the conference complimenting the sessions held during the week. Workshops running in the conference venue may be booked through the conference website alongside your registration. Those running offsite (before and after the conference) should be booked directly with the organisers. All workshop places must be booked and paid in full by the registration deadline (May 26th). Please be aware that if a workshop does not receive sufficient attendance the organisers may not be able to run it and any booking will be refunded.

    You can book your place on a workshop via the 'Add More Items' button on your My Goldschmidt.


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