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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Nakano, Takanori 15e/10:15/Tue Source of Arsenic in the Red River, Northern Vietnum, Estimated by Lead Isotopes
07b/15:30/Wed Shallow Melt Eduction and Geochemical Recycling at the Chile Ridge Subduction Zone
14j/306/Wed Geographical and Temporal Variations of Multiple Geochemical Components in Rainwater, River Water and Groundwater in Saijo City, Southwestern Japan
19f/448/Thu Chemical Separation and Isotope Analysis for Environmental Studies Using Standards Samples

Nakano, Tsukasa 17h/09:45/Fri SR-Based Analytical Micro-Nanotomography and its Appication to Extraterrestrial Materials
02f/11:15/Fri 3D Shapes of Olivine Negative Crystals in Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Estimation of Equilibrium Form

Nakano, Y. 14a/14:30/Mon Microbial Antimony Transformation Associated with Antimony Mine Tailing
15k/358/Tue Effects of Organic Molecules on the Aggregation of Ceria Nanoparticles

Nakao, A. 04c/09:30/Thu Role of Water in Subduction Zone Dynamics

Nakaoka, S-I. 12f/11:15/Tue Mapping of Sea Surface Nutrients for Global Ocean Using a Feed Forward Neural Network

Nakashima, D. 02a/09:30/Tue Al-Mg Choronology of Chondrules in the RBT04143 CV3 Chondrite
02c/16:30/Thu The Evolution of the Solar Nebula as Recorded by Hibonite-Rich CAIs
02c/6/Thu V-Rich Davisite in a Compact Type a CAI from a CV Carbonaceous Chondrite

Nakashima, H. 10b/08:45/Fri Impact of Molecular Association Energy on Asphaltene Precipitaion

Nakashima, K. 18f/403/Thu Viscosity and Structure of Alkali Iron Silicate Melts with a Variety of Iron Oxidation State

Nakashima, S. 15k/10:15/Mon Interactions of Water and Minerals/Organics as Studied by Infrared Micro-Spectroscopy Combined with Quartz Crystal Microbalance Under Controlled Relative Humidity
15k/355/Tue Hydrothermal Transformation of Biogenic Silica as Studied by in situ Infrared Spectroscopy
15k/357/Tue Interfacial Water Components Around Nano-Particles of Silica as Stuidied by Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared (ATR-Ir) Spectroscopy
15k/363/Tue Electrical Conductance of Pore Water in a Sandstone at Low Water Saturation
15k/364/Tue Adsorption/desorption of Water to Polysaccharides as Studied by Infrared Spectroscopy
12h/226/Wed Water Adsorption to Gypsum by Infrared Spectroscopy Under Controled Relative Humidity
12h/235/Wed Observations of PM2.5 Sampled in Osaka with SEM/TEM-Eds, IR and Raman Spectroscopy
19a/418/Thu Undergraduate Education in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry at Osaka University, Japan

Nakashima, T. 14f/319/Mon Geographical Variations in Pigment Compositions of Snow Algae in Japan

Nakashoji, K. 15a/11:15/Tue Development of U-236 AMS in MALT – Measuring the Soil Samples in Fukushima

Nakata, K. 15g/342/Tue Chemical and Isotopic Study of the Impact on Groundwater Environment by an Large Underground Facility
15g/351/Tue Geochemical Investigations of Groundwater in the Western Coastal Area of the Miura Peninsula, Japan
15b/282/Thu Effect of Solution Composition on Cesium Desorption of Phyllosilicates with Different Stacking Structure

Nakato, A. 02d/13/Mon Evaluating Degradation of Organic Matter in Murchison Meteorite Captured by Aerogel after Hypervelocity Experiments
02f/15/Thu Chondrule Flattening of MET01072 CM Chondrite: Possible Evidence for Long-Duration Slow Impact

Nakatomi, N. 13c/257/Wed Pretreatments and Analytical Protocol for a Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis of Fatty Acids in the Porites Coral Skeleton

Nakayama, N. 12d/233/Tue Nanometer Size Fractionation of Metal Sulfides over the Hydrothermal Area in Okinawa Trough

Nakayama, Tadanobu 14j/10:45/Thu Re-evaluation of Carbon Cycle in Biosphere Through Advanced Model

Nakayama, Tomoki 12h/229/Wed Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Diesel and Gasoline Engine Exhaust

Nakazawa, H. 03h/33/Wed Effects of Serpentine on the Organic Synthesis in Impacts of Meteorites on the Early Ocean
03h/10:45/Thu Formation of Life’s Building Blocks by Mteorite Impacts

Nalbach, M. 17f/10:15/Thu In situ Visualization of Molecular Self-Assembly and Surface Restructuring at the Mineral-Water Interface

Nalbantçılar, T. 19e/14:30/Fri Physical and Chemical Properties of Some Turkish spa Waters

Nam, K-H. 11a/217/Mon A Study on Mineralogical Properties and Quantitative Measurement of Soil Erosion

Nam, S. 15g/11:00/Wed Sorption and Transport Behavior of Radionuclides in Fractured Rock at the LILW Disposal Facility

Namgung, S. 15c/340/Wed Effects of Dissolved Oxygen on the Interaction between Cr(OH)3(s) and Birnessite
10g/132/Thu Potential Impact of CO2 Leakage on Soil in the Unsaturated Zone: A Pilot Scale Field Experiment at the EIT Site, Republic of Korea

Namiki, A. 08d/160/Wed Variety of Discharge Styles of Geothermal Water Generated by Plumbing Systems: An Experiment

Namur, O. 03c/4/Tue Elements Partitioning during Mercury’s Two Shells Core Formation
08d/167/Wed NVP Melt/Magma Viscosity: Insight on Mercury Lava Flows