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The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Aalseth, C. 12i/197/Thu Development of Non-Traditional Radioisotopes to Fill Key Age-Dating Gaps for Interpreting Geologic and Biogeochemical Cycles

Aasano, R. 15d/285/Thu Investigation of Analysis Methods for Sulfur Compounds and their Isotopic Compostions in Soils and Sediments

Abban, B. 13g/10:30/Tue Hill Slope and Erosional Controls on Soil Organic Geochemistry in Intensely Managed Landscapes

Abdul Aziz, J.H. 09d/114/Tue Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Gold Occurrence of Rixen Deposit in Ulu Sokor Area, Peninsular Malaysia

Abdurrachman, M. 07b/94/Wed Across Arc Variation of Sr Isotope Ratio and K2O Content in the Quaternary Volcanic Rocks, West Java Indonesia: Tracing Argoland beneath West Java Arc
08d/152/Wed Volcanostratigraphy and Petrogenesis of Ciremai Area, West Java, Indonesia
08d/163/Wed Volcanostratigraphy of Malabar Volcano, West Java, Indonesia and their Magma Evolution

Abe, G. 03f/13/Tue Provenance and Source Rock Weathering of the 2.7 Ga Shallow- and Deep-Facies Black Shales from Pilbara, Western Australia
03f/18/Tue Geochemistry of 2.7Ga Shallow-Facies Shales in Stromatolitic Carbonates (ABDP #10) from Pilbara, Western Australia

Abe, Hironobu 15b/256/Thu Changes in the Concentrations of Radioactive Cesium Outflowed from the Steep Moutainious Forest of Abukuma Mountains, Released by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Abe, Hitomi 03h/10:15/Thu Energetics of Amino Acid Formation in Slightly Reducing Atmospheres of Primitive Earth and Titan

Abe, K. 18c/10:15/Thu High-Pressure Phase Transitions in FeTiO3, Fe2TiO4 and FeTi2O5

Abe, N. 05b/11:00/Wed How Petit-Spot Mantle Xenoliths Will Refine LAB Processes
05e/57/Wed Physical Properties and Borehole Information of Hole U1473A, IODP Exp. 360 Inditan Ridge Lower Crust and Moho (SloMo)
05e/09:15/Thu Finding the Source of the Latitudinal Compositional Variation in the Izu-Bonin Arc System
05e/11:00/Thu Microstructural and Petrological Analyses Peridotites and Gabbros from IODP Hole U1382A at North Pond in the Kane Area of Mid-Atlantic Ridge
04g/15:45/Thu Petit-Spot Lavas as Test for Alkaline Magma Generation

Abe, T. 13c/252/Wed Regional Radiocarbon Marine Reservoir Ages in Hokkaido, Japan Reconstructed from Pre-Bomb Kelp Specimens

Abe, Y. 15b/15:00/Thu Overview of the Radioactive Particles in the Fukushima Accident
15b/15:45/Thu Re-suspension Processes of Radioactive Cs Emitted by the FNDPP Accident in Summer and Autumn – Possibility of Biosphere-Atmosphere Circulation of Radioactive Cs

Abe-Ouchi, A. 16a/10:00/Mon Role of Southern Ocean in Glacial Atmospheric CO2 Reduction
16b/16:30/Mon Modelling the Stability of AMOC and Climate Under Glacial and Warm Climate
16b/362/Mon Response of Basal Melting in Antarctic Ice Shelves to Climatic Forcing Under the Last Glacial Maximum and CO2 Doubling Climates
16b/364/Mon The Influence of Glacial Ice Sheets on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Through Atmospheric Circulation Change Under Glacial Climate
12f/257/Tue Multi-Millennium Changes in Dissolved Oxygen due to Global Warming: Results from GCM and Offline Biogeochemical Model

Abell, R. 12d/09:30/Thu Source, Cycling and Circulation Effects on Seawater Rare Earth Elements in the NE Atlantic

Abers, G. 04c/09:45/Thu Water Recycling in Subduction Zones and the Role of Rehydration in the Generation of Intermediate-Depth Seismicity and the Nature of the Cold Fore-Arc Mantle

Abidin, H.Z. 12e/164/Thu U/Th Dating of Uplifted Coral Terraces in Sumba Island (Indonesia)

Ablya, E. 13a/291/Mon Biomarkers in “Extreme” Oils

Abney, R. 13g/291/Tue Erosional Transport of Organic Matter after the Rim Fire, Yosemite National Park

Abraham-James, T.H. 10d/11:15/Tue New High-Grade Helium Discoveries in Tanzania

Abramov, O. 02h/16/Mon Thermal Effects of Impact Bombardments on Noachian Mars

Abramov, S. 15m/10:15/Fri Sustainable Use of Industrial Acid By-Product and Environmental Microbial Consortia to Recycle Important Metals from Municipal Incineration Slag

Abrevaya, L. 12a/10:00/Tue New Perspectives on the Evolution of CO2 in the Late Cenozoic

Abril, G. 12g/261/Tue Strong 13C Enrichment in Dziani Dzaha Lake (Mayotte, France): Evidence for Methanogenesis Impact in a New Modern Analogue of Precambrian Oceans

Abu El-Ela, A.S. 05e/59/Wed Chemical Variation of Chromian Spinel Compositions in a Serpentinized Peridotites: Implications for Evolution of the Neoproterozoic Ophiolites

Abuharara, A. 10h/15:45/Thu Multi-Isotopic Study of the Fluid Circulation at Los Azufres Geothermal Field, Mexico