Scientific Mentoring Program for Mentors

What's in it for me?

This program gives mentors the opportunity to connect with enthusiastic young scientists and other like-minded mentors. You will gain valuable skills in cross-cultural communication, group facilitation and networking with the next generation of scientists, while helping the scientific community. As a mentor you will be expected to:

  • Contact your mentee at least one week before the meeting
  • Discuss any objectives of the meeting, for example: sharing science, networking, or career opportunities
  • Meet your mentee in person at the ice-breaker mixer
  • Introduce your mentee to at least 5 colleagues
  • Be easily identified as a mentor at the meeting
  • Meet your mentee for free mentoring lunches
  • Meet your mentee again later in the week, as necessary, to answer any questions or reflect on science sessions.
We would expect you to be able to fulfil your requirements in less than 5 hours before and during the meeting. Any further time you wished to committ would be at your own discretion.

The Mentoring Program is designed to assist new young scientists studying various aspects of geochemistry. You will be matched up with 1 or 2 mentees to provide support and advice on topics such as:

  • How to get your work seen and read by the science community
  • Plotting your way through a conference timetable
  • Making friends
  • Understanding the science culture
  • Knowing where to find academic assistance
  • Finding work
  • Building collaborations

Junior scientists as well as those more experienced in the field are encouraged to apply as mentors.