International Association of Geoanalysts Young Scientists Award (IAG)

The award promotes the careers of young scientists who have either developed innovative analytical methods or provided new strategies to improve data quality as applied to the chemical analysis of geological or environmental samples More info

Jie Lin Awarded to: Jie Lin
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Abstract: Accurate Analysis of Lithium Isotopic Ratios in Geological Samples with High Precision
Medal lecture in:
Session 06d in Room 2, Goldschmidt2020 - Virtual Venue on Thursday 25th June 13:30 - 13:33

Michael Weber Awarded to: Michael Weber
Abstract: LA-MC-ICP-MS Sr Isotope Analysis of Speleothems – Choosing the Right Reference Material
Medal lecture in:
Session 14d in Plenary Hall, Goldschmidt2020 - Virtual Venue on Tuesday 23rd June 13:30 - 13:33