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(2011) Discrimination of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Different Sources

Heringa M, Chirico R, Platt S, Pfaffenberger L, Barmet P, Slowik J, DeCarlo P, Dommen J, Prévôt A & Baltensperger U

Maarten Heringa
Roberto Chirico
Stephen Platt
Lisa Pfaffenberger
Peter Barmet
Jay Slowik
Peter Decarlo
Josef Dommen
Andre Prevot
Urs Baltensperger View all 2 abstracts

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Preferred style: Oral
Preferred theme: 13: Sources, Sinks and Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols
Preferred session: 2011_13a: Organics in the Mix: Multicomponent Aerosol Processes

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