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(2011) Invited: Laboratory Studies into Sea-Spray Chemical Speciation in Plankton-Enriched Sea-Water

Ceburnis D, Ovadnevaite J, Zacharias M, Bialek J, Connan S, Rinaldi M, Monahan C, Facchini MC, Berresheim H, Stengel D & O'Dowd C

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Merry Zacharias
Jakub Bialek View all 2 abstracts
Solene Connan
Matteo Rinaldi View all 2 abstracts
Ciaran Monahan View all 2 abstracts
Maria Cristina Facchini View all 4 abstracts
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Preferred style: Oral
Preferred theme: 13: Sources, Sinks and Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols
Preferred session: 2011_13f: Marine Aerosol Formation and Transformation

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