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(2011) A Possible Mantle Plume Source in the Lower Mantle; Evidence from Polynesian HIMU

Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Senda R, Miyazaki T, Chang Q, Hirahara Y, Takahashi T, Kawabata H, Suzuki K, Kimura J-I & Nakai S

Takeshi Hanyu
Yoshiyuki Tatsumi View all 2 abstracts
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Takashi Miyazaki View all 2 abstracts
Qing Chang View all 3 abstracts
Yuka Hirahara View all 2 abstracts
Toshiro Takahashi
Hiroshi Kawabata View all 3 abstracts
Katsuhiko Suzuki View all 6 abstracts
Jun-Ichi Kimura View all 5 abstracts
Shun'ichi Nakai View all 4 abstracts

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Preferred style: Oral
Preferred theme: 04: Mantle to Crust: Ocean Ridge and Intraplate Volcanism
Preferred session: 2011_04a: Chemical Geodynamics: 25 Years of Mantle Components

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