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(2010) Imaging Ion Adsorption with Total External Reflection X-Ray Standing Waves

Kohli V, Fenter P, Libera J, Elam J, Liu C, Rosenqvist J, Bedzyk M, Machesky M & Wesolowski D

Vaibhav Kohli
Paul A. Fenter View all 8 abstracts
Joe Libera
Jeffrey Elam
Chian Liu
J├Ârgen Rosenqvist View all 3 abstracts
MIchael Bedzyk
Michael L. Machesky View all 5 abstracts
David J. Wesolowski View all 12 abstracts

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Preferred style: Oral
Preferred theme: 19: Application of X-ray and Neutron Methods to Geochemistry
Preferred session: 2010_19a: In situ Observations of Fluid-Mineral Interfacial Structure, Dynamics and Reactivity

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