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Goldschmidt2013 is the foremost conference in geochemistry and related fields, and provides a unique opportunity to make contact with more than 3000 of the world's most senior scientists in these fields.

The conference welcomes the participation of exhibitors, and can provide a range of opportunities including the hire of booths, arrangements to sponsor scientific sessions and social events, and various other naming possibilities.

A list of the exhibitors who will be attending can be found here.

Exhibition spaces will be available at a cost of € 3900 (€ 3250 + VAT @ 20%) per space. Each booth space is 4m x 3m and comes equipped with one table, two chairs and basic power. Two free full registrations are included. Society booths will be 3m x 3m and come with the same equipment at a rate of € 510 (€ 435 + VAT @ 20%).

The Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus is now available to download. It details all of the sponsorship, advertising and exhibition booking details. To register your organisation please click here and complete the forms, you may then add exhibition bookings and staff registrations. If you require further information please email Jacquie Storey at the conference help desk.

Exhibitors may now download the Exhibition Manual with details of shipping information and the safety forms which must be completed by July 20th.

Set-Up and Break-Down Schedule
Set-up/move-in: Sunday 25 August 09:00-13:00
Break-down/move-out: Friday 30 August (14:00)-17:00-19:00
Since the Icebreaker/Welcome Reception takes place on Sunday afternoon in the same space as the Exhibition it is vital that your set-up is finished by 13:00.

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