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Vickie Bennett Vickie Bennett
Australian National University
Theme chair: 03

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2013) The Potential of Platinum Stable Isotopes of Fe-Mn Nodules and Crusts as a Paleoceanographic Tracer
Corcoran L, Handler M, Baker J, Seward T, Creech J & Bennett V

(2012) Stable Isotopes of Platinum: A New Geochemical and Cosmochemical Tracer?
Creech J, Handler M, Baker J, Corcoran L & Bennett V

(2011) Secular Trends in Granite Zircon εHf–δ18O, Australian Tasmanides
Jeon H, Williams I, Chappell B & Bennett V

(2010) Hadean Isotopic Signatures in Mesoarchean Pillow Basalts, Southern West Greenland
Bennett V, Brandon A, Jenner F & Nutman A

(2009) Probing the Conditions of Mantle Melting with Iron Isotopes
Dauphas N, Craddock P, Asimow P, Bennett V, Nutman A & Ohnenstetter D

(2008) Invited: Archean TTG Petrogenesis – The U/Pb-O-Hf Isotopic Perspective
Hiess J, Bennett V, Nutman A, Williams I & Eggins S

(2008) Invited: Stable Mg Isotope Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Handler M, Baker J, Schiller M, Bennett V & Yaxley G

(2008) The Search for Global Variations in 142Nd Isotopic Compositions of Eoarchean Rocks
Bennett V, Brandon A, Nutman A, Wan Y & Black L

(2007) In situ Hf and O Isotopic Data from Archean Zircons of SW Greenland
Hiess J, Bennett V, Nutman A & Williams I

(2006) 3.8 Ga arc related basalts from Southwest Greenland
Jenner F, Bennett V & Nutman A

(2006) Akilia - earliest life and its abode?
Nutman A, Friend C & Bennett V

(2006) The 142Nd record of Hadean zircons
Caro G, Bennett V, Bourdon B, Harrison M & Mojzsis S

(2006) Ti zircon thermometry applied to metamorphic and igneous systems.
Hiess J, Nutman A, Bennett V & Holden P

(2003) Invited: Li Isotopic Variations in Eastern Australian Granites
Bryant C, Chappell B, Bennett V & McCulloch M

(2003) Mechanisms of Re Enrichment in Subduction Related Magmas
Sun W, Kamenetsky V & Bennett V

(2002) Rhenium Systematics in Submarine MORB, Arc and Back-Arc Basin Glasses by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Sun W, Bennett V, Eggins S, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Falloon T

(2002) A Mission to Really Early Earth: When Did the Earth Become Suitable for Habitation?
Harrison M, Mojzsis SJ, Pidgeon RT, Ireland TR, Bennett V & Honda M