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No photo Simona Regenspurg
GFZ, Potsdam

Session convenor: 12c

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(2013) Gas Analysis at a Geothermal Facility: on-Line Monitoring Above Ground and Measurements in the Borehole
Feldbusch E, Wiersberg T, Zimmer M, Francke H & Regenspurg S

(2013) Hydrochemical Patterns in a Structurally Controlled Geothermal System
Brehme M, Haase C, Regenspurg S, Moeck I, Deon F, Wiegand B, Kamah Y, Zimmermann G & Sauter M

(2013) Occurrence and Distribution of Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials at a Geothermal Facility in the North German Basin
Regenspurg S, Dilling J, Naumann R, Mielcarek J, Schkade U-K & Zotzmann J

(2011) Biogeochemical Characterization of Geothermal Fluids
Vieth-Hillebrand A, Vetter A, Sachse A, Henne S, Regenspurg S & Mangelsdorf K

(2011) Hydraulic-Hydrochemical Modelling of a Geothermal Reservoir in Indonesia
Brehme M, Regenspurg S & Zimmermann G

(2011) Monitoring Fluid Properties in a Geothermal Plant
Regenspurg S, Harald M, Giese R & Mathias P

(2011) Sulfate Mineral Solubilities in Na-Ca-Cl Brines
Banks J & Regenspurg S

(2010) Determining Mineral Solubilities in Simulated Geothermal Brines
Banks J, Regenspurg S & Milsch H

(2009) Binding of Uranium to Organic-Rich Soils in an Alpine Region in Switzerland
Roquier C, Regenspurg S, Harfouche M, Froidevaux P, Steinmann P, Junier P & Bernier-Latmani R

(2009) Corrosion and Scaling in Low-Enthalphy Geothermal Systems in Northern Germany
Regenspurg S, Schmidt K, Milsch H, Saadat A & Huenges E

(2009) Hyperaccumulation of U in Organic-Rich Alpine Soils, Dischma Valley, Davos, Switzerland
Steinmann P, Regenspurg S, Roquier C, Bernier-Latmani R, Sager F & Froidevaux P

(2006) Experimental determination of UO22+ sorption and reduction at mineral surfaces
Regenspurg S, Schäfer T & Malmström M

(2006) Modelling Ni(II) Sorption in Granitic Groundwater
Malmström ME, Regenspurg S & Docampo Cabaleiro E