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Marc Hirschmann Marc Hirschmann
University of Minnesota

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2014) Sulfide Melting at 1-8 GPa
Zhang Z & Hirschmann M

(2012) Stability of Reduced Carbon in the Mantle
Hastings P, Withers A & Hirschmann M

(2011) Partitioning of First-Row Transition Elements between Peridotite and Melt
Davis F, Humayun M, Hirschmann M & Cooper R

(2011) Quantification of H in Olivine: Direct Calibration of FTIR and SIMS by ERDA
Withers A, Hirschmann M, Bureau H & Raepsaet C

(2005) Near-Solidus Melt Compositions from Natural Carbonated Lherzolite
Dasgupta R, Hirschmann M & Withers A

(2001) Hydrogen Analyses of H2O-Saturated Mantle Minerals Using SIMS and FTIR
Koga KT, Hauri EH & Hirschmann MM