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Martin Frank Martin Frank
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Wischhofstrasse 1-3, 24148 Kiel, Germany

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Goldschmidt2013 organiser

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Cadmium Isotope Distribution along a Northeast-Southwest Transect in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
Xie RC, Galer SJG, Abouchami W, Frank M & Ehlert C

(2015) Do Dissolved Barium Isotopes in Seawater Trace Water Mass Mixing and Nutrient Cycling?
Cao Z, Siebert C, Hathorne E, Dai M & Frank M

(2015) Precessional Variation in Seawater-Derived Late Miocene Pb Isotopes
Modestou S, Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rodés Á, van der Schee M, Frank M, Muiños S, Ellam R & Flecker R

(2015) Water Mass Formation in the Labrador Sea Based on Coupled Hf-Nd Isotope and Rare Earth Element Distributions
Filippova A, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E & Yashayaev I

(2013) Pb Isotopic Composition of Himalayan Sediments
Galy A, Gattacceca J, Piotrowski A & Frank M

(2013) Rare Earth Elements in the Surface Ocean Under the Saharan Dust Belt
Hathorne E, Frank M, Rutgers van de Loeff M, Roeske T & Rickli J

(2012) Past Changes in Riverine Input and Ocean Circulation in the Gulf of Guinea
Kraft S, Weldeab S, Hathorne E & Frank M

(2011) Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes in Eastern Equatorial Pacific Seawater
Frank M, Grasse P, Stichel T & Stramma L

(2011) Online Preconcentration ICP-MS Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Seawater
Hathorne E, Stichel T, Grasse P & Frank M

(2011) Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of Water Mass Exchange and Erosional Input in the Fram Strait
Teschner C, Frank M, Haley BA, Christl M, Vogt C & Knies J

(2011) Silicon Isotopes as a Tracer for Silicate Utilization in the Peruvian Upwelling
Grasse P, Ehlert C, Stramma L, Ryabenko E, Franz J & Frank M

(2011) Sources and Input Mechanisms of Hafnium and Neodymium in Surface Waters of the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean
Stichel T, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E, Haley B, Jeandel C & Pradoux C

(2010) Cadmium Isotope Constraints on Nutrient Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Xue Z, Rehkämper M, van de Flierdt T, Grasse P & Frank M

(2009) Carbonates, Riverine Chemistry and Incongruent Weathering of Hafnium
Rickli J, Frank M, Georg RB & Halliday AN

(2009) Hafnium and Neodymium Isotope Composition of Filtered Particles from the Drake Passage
Stichel T, Frank M, Haley B, Rickli J & Venchiarutti C

(2009) Hafnium in the Arctic Ocean
Porcelli D, Zimmermann B, Frank M, Andersson P, Baskaran M, Lee DC & Halliday A

(2009) δ30Si Constraints on Silicon Cycling in the Low-Latitude Thermocline
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2008) The Stable Si Isotope Composition of Eastern Atlantic Ocean Seawater
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2007) Global Neodymium – Hafnium Isotope Systematics – Revisited
van de Flierdt T, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR, Frank M & Halliday AN

(2007) Hafnium and Neodymium Isotopes in Atlantic Ocean Waters
Rickli J, Frank M & Halliday AN

(2007) The Sources of Nd Isotopes in Arctic Ocean Water
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Dahlqvist R, Frank M, Björk G & Gustafsson Ö

(2004) Arctic Ocean Water Mass Distribution and Mixing from Dissolved 10Be and 9Be
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday A, Kubik P, Hattendorf B & Guenther D

(2004) Observations of Si Isotope Mass Fractionation during Freshwater Diatom Blooms
Reynolds B, Jaccard S, Lehman M, Bernasconi S, Frank M & Halliday A

(2004) The Isotopic Composition of Sr and Nd in Arctic Ocean Ice Rafted Sediments: Implications for Provenance and Transport
Andersson P, Baskaran M, Porcelli D, Frank M, Ingri J & Gustafsson O

(2004) Tracing the History of Submarine Hydrothermal Inputs Using Pb Isotopes from Ferromanganese Crusts
Van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Halliday A, Hattendorf B, Günther D, Kubik P & Hein J

(2003) Osmium in the Arctic Ocean: Evidence for Hydrothermal Activity
Bolz V, Levasseur S, Porcelli D, Frank M & Halliday A

(2002) Decoupling of Hf and Nd Isotopes in Western Pacific Fe-Mn Crusts
Chu N-C, German C, Nesbitt R, Van de Flierdt T, Frank M & Kubik P

(2002) Hf-Nd Isotopic Variations of Authigenic and Silicate Components in North Pacific Sediments
Asahara Y, Lee D-C, Frank M, van de Flierdt T, Halliday A & Nishimura A

(2002) Present and Past Export of Southern Ocean Deep Water to the Pacific
van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Günther D & Hein JR

(2002) Secular Variation of Tl Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts?
Rehkamper M, Frank M, Hein JR, Nielsen S & Halliday AN

(2002) The Behaviour of 10Be and 9Be in the Arctic Ocean: Relationship to Water Mass Distribution and Particle Flux
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday AN, Kubik PW & Hattendorf B

(2001) Gold Solubility, Speciation and Partitioning in Granite-Volatile Phase Systems
Frank MR, Candela PA, Piccoli PM & Glascock MD

(2001) U/Pb-, Hf-Zircon and Isotopic Investigations for Timing and Ore Genesis of “Elatsite” PGE Porphyry Copper Deposit, Srednogorie Zone, Bulgaria
Von Quadt A, Peycheva I, Kamenov B, Fanger L, Driesner T, Heinrich CA & Frank M

(2000) MC-ICPMS – The Good, the Small and the Massive
Halliday A, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Oberli F, Freedman P, Frank M, Müller W, Teutsch N, Baur H & Wiechert U