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No photo Mario Villalobos
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Session convenor: 18g

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(2014) The Influence of Surface Structure, Habit, and Oriented Attachment on Goethite Adsorption Capacity
Livi K, Villalobos M, Villacís-García M & Sverjensky D

(2013) Characterization and Surface Reactivity of Natural and Synthetic Magnetites
Salazar-Camacho C, Villalobos M & Rivas-Sánchez MDLL

(2013) Essential Aqueous Geochemistry of Pb(II) Solid Formation
Mendoza-Flores A & Villalobos M

(2013) Synergistic Arsenic and Pb Incorporation into Synthetic Jarosite
Aguilar-Carrillo J, Villalobos M & Romero FM

(2013) The Relationship of Goethite Surface Structure, Habit and Adsorption Capacity
Livi K, Villalobos M, Varela M, Villacis-Garcia M, Vaca-Escobar K & Sverjensky D