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No photo Martin Andersson
University of Copenhagen

Session convenor: 10e

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2014) Keynote: Pushing Thermodynamics Uphill: Organisms' Control on Biomineralisation
Stipp SLS, Hassenkam T, Andersson MP, Sakuma H, Pedersen CS, Schultz LN, Yang M, Keller KS, Sand KK, Bovet N, Henriksen KE & Engstrøm F

(2013) Calcite and Chalk: Differences in Vapour Adsorption Behaviour
Okhrimenko DV, Dalby KN, Skovbjerg LL, Bovet N, Andersson MP, Olsson MHM & Stipp SLS

(2013) Effects of pH and Ionic Strength on the Surface Charge Density of Self Assembled Monolayers (SAM)
Olsson MHM, Andersson MP, Matthiesen J & Stipp SLS

(2013) Green Rust Sulphate – Making Space for Interlayer Cations
Christiansen BC, Katz A, Bovet N, Sørensen HO, Andersson MP, Nedel S, Frandsen C, Dideriksen K & Stipp SLS

(2013) Making Natural Materials Clean – And Model Samples Dirty
Dalby KN, Bovet N, Andersson MP, Juhl K & Stipp SLS

(2013) Specific Ion Effects on the Wettability of Sandstone Particle
Hassenkam T, Mathiessen J, Andersson MP & Stipp SLS

(2013) Wettability Alteration of Calcite Surface Induced by Ion Exchange
Sakuma H, Andersson M & Stipp S

(2011) How Acidic is Water on Calcite?
Andersson M & Stipp S

(2011) Interaction of Small Organic Molecules with the Calcite Surface
Bovet N, Yang M, Andersson M & Stipp S

(2011) Nanocalcite as a Model for Biogenic, Geological Calcite
Schultz L, Andersson M, Okhrimenko D, Dalby K & Stipp S