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No photo Leonid Dubrovinsky
BGI Univ. of Bayreuth, D

Session convenor: 22e

Abstracts by this author at Goldschmidt2013

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Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in Coesite 22e/16:00/We
Cernok A, Boffa Ballaran T, Caracas R, Miyajima N, Bykova E, Prakapenka V, Liermann H-P & Dubrovinsky L

Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Equation of State of Skiagite-Majorite Garnet up to 100 GPa
Ismailova L, Bobrov A, Bykov M, Bykova E, Cerantola V, Kupenko I, McCammon C, Hanfland M, Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L

(2015) Time Differentiated Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy with Pulsed Laser Heating in Diamond Anvil Cells
Kupenko I, Strohm C, McCammon C, Cerantola V, Glazyrin K, Petitgirard S, Vasiukov D, Aprilis G, Chumakov AI, Rüffer R & Dubrovinsky L

(2014) High-Pressure Behavior of Synthetic Na0.884Fe2+0.199Mg0.475Si2.442O6 Clinopyroxene
Bobrov A, Bykov M, Bykova E, Dubrovinsky L & Bindi L

(2014) Synthesis of Single Crystals of Iron Garnet Skiagite and its High-Pressure XANES Investigation
Ismailova L, Dubrovinsky L, Dubrovinskaia N, Bobrov A, Kantor I & Cerantola V

(2013) Melting and Breakdown of MgCO3 at High Pressures
Solopova N, Spivak A, Litvin Y & Dubrovinsky L

(2013) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in Coesite
Cernok A, Boffa Ballaran T, Caracas R, Miyajima N, Bykova E, Prakapenka V, Liermann H-P & Dubrovinsky L

(2011) Importance of Correlation Effects in First-Principles Simulations of Iron at High-Pressure
Pourovskii L, Glazyrin K, Dubrovinsky LS, Tasnadi F, Ekholm M, Katsnelson M, Ruban AV & Abrikosov I

(2011) Volume and Ionic Conductivity Measurements of H2O Ice at High Pressure and Temperature
Sugimura E, Komabayashi T, Ohta K, Hirose K, Sata N, Ohishi Y & Dubrovinsky LS

(2008) A Computational and Experimental Study of (Fe2+, Mg)SiO3 Perovskite at Lower Mantle Conditions
Caracas R, Dubrovinsky L, McCammon C, Kantor I & Narygina O

(2008) Mineralogy of Natural Diamond-Forming Fluids
Kopylova M, Navon O, Dubrovinsky L & Khachatryan G

(2002) Invited: Fe-O System at Extreme Conditions
Dubrovinsky L, Dubrovinskaia N, Rozenberg G, Dmitriev V & Weber H-P

(2002) High-Temperature Heater for Diamond-Anvil Cells
Dubrovinskaia N & Dubrovinsky L