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Liane G. Benning Liane G. Benning
University of Leeds
School of Earth and Environment
Goldschmidt2013 organiser

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Are the Anhydrite and Gypsum Carbonatation Pathways the Same? 10d/223/We
Roncal-Herrero T, Bots P, Rodríguez-Blanco JD, Astilleros JM, Prieto M, Benning L & Fernández-Díaz L

Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Advanced Analysis of Time-Resolved and in situ SAXS Data from Evolving Inorganic Systems
Stawski TM, Van Driessche AES, Ossorio M, Rodríguez-Blanco JD & Benning LG

(2015) Controls of Acid Dissolution of P in Mineral Dust during Atmospheric Processing
Stockdale A, Krom M, Mortimer R, Benning L, Carslaw K, Herbert R & Shi Z

(2015) Effects of Mg2+ on the Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Calcium Sulfate
Rabizadeh T, Stawski T, Peacock C & Benning L

(2015) Glaciers as a Missing Source of Silicon to the World's Oceans
Hawkings J, Wadham J, Tranter M, Benning LG, Tedstone A, Nienow P & Hendry K

(2015) How do Calcium Carbonates Form in Microemulsions
Stawski TM, Benning LG, Roncal-Herrero T & Kroger R

(2015) Lysozyme Controls the Character of Biomimetic Silica Composites
Meier DB, Stawski TM, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2015) Mechanisms and Structure of a Mackinawite FeS Precursor
Matamoros Veloza A, Cespedes O, Johnson BRJ, Stawski T & Benning LG

(2015) Pan-Arctic Drivers of Glacial Microbial Community Structure and Function
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Edwards A, Newton R, Gill F & Benning LG

(2015) The Effect of Temperature on Switching between Calcite and Aragonite Seas
Ramírez García P, Benning LG & Newton RJ

(2015) The Thermodynamics of Hydroxylbastnasite in Aqueous Solutions
Voigt M, Vallina B, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Benning LG & Oelkers E

(2014) Beaker to Boreal: Linking Mineral Dissolution to Fungal Bio-Weathering
Bray AW, Bonneville S, Oelkers EH & Benning LG

(2014) Invited: CaCO3 Precipitation Confined in Microemulsion Nano-Droplets of Water
Stawski TM, Matamoros Veloza A, Roncal-Herrero T, Kröger R & Benning LG

(2014) Effect of Citric Acid on Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Structure, Stability and Crystallisation
Tobler DJ, Rodriguez Blanco JD, Dideriksen K, Sand KK, Benning LG & Stipp SLS

(2014) Microbial Succession from Ice to Vegetated Soils in Response to Glacial Retreat in the Arctic
Anesio A, Wright K, Blacker J, Bradley J, Barker G, Yallop M, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2014) Relationship between Carbon, Nitrogen and Algal Communities in Arctic Glacial Settings
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Newton RJ, Edwards A & Benning LG

(2014) Invited: Structure and Properties of FeS in the Early Stages of Formation
Matamoros Veloza A, Stawski TM & Benning LG

(2014) The Effect of Sr2+ on the Structure, Stability and Crystallisation of Amorphous CaCO3
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Tobler DJ, Dideriksen K, Benning LG, Sand KK & Stipp SLS

(2014) Keynote: To Make or Not to Make Crystals from Ions
Benning LG, Shaw S, Bots P, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Stawski T, Garcia Ruiz JM, Van Driessche A, Ossorio M & Rodriguez Navarro C

(2013) Are the Anhydrite and Gypsum Carbonatation Pathways the Same?
Roncal-Herrero T, Bots P, Rodríguez-Blanco JD, Astilleros JM, Prieto M, Benning L & Fernández-Díaz L

(2013) Earthworms Produce Highly Stable Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Demarchi B, Benning LG, Brown A, Harding J, Freeman C, Penkman K & Hodson ME

(2013) Invited: Fungi-Mineral Interface: Hotspot of Weathering in Soils
Bonneville S, Bray A, Schmalenberger A, Morgan DJ, Brown A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2013) How Bugs Get their Food: Linking Mineral Surface Chemistry to Nutrient Availability
Bray A, Oelkers E, Bonneville S & Benning L

(2013) Protein-Silica Interactions: The Effect of Lysozyme on the Structure of Amorphous Silica
Meier DB, Tobler DJ, Peacock CL & Benning LG

(2013) The Role and Effect of Mg on the Formation of Carbonates
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Shaw S, Bots P & Benning LG

(2013) The Structure of Mg-Stabilised Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Cobourne G, Mountjoy G, Hannon AC, Rodriguez-Blanco JD & Benning LG

(2012) The Crystallization of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC), and the Effects of Magnesium and Sulfate
Shaw S, Bots P, Rodriguez-Blanco J-D, Wood C, Brown A & Benning L

(2011) Biochemical Characterization of Single Weathering Hyphae of Paxillus involutus Using CLSM and Synchrotron Based µFTIR
Schmalenberger A, Bray A, Duran A, Leake J, Banwart S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Filik J, Pijanka J, Bonneville S, Benning L & Romero-Gonzalez M

(2011) Biotite Dissolution: The Effect of Organic Ligands and pH
Bray A, Bonneville S, Wolff-Boenisch D & Benning LG

(2011) CaCO3 Polymorph Growth and Stabilization in Water-Ethanol Mixtures
Sand K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Makovicky E, Benning L & Stipp S

(2011) Fungi Accelerate Mineral Weathering via a Synergy of Mechanical and Chemical Attacks
Bonneville S, Morgan DJ, Bray AW, Brown A, Schmalenberger A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2011) Integrating Multi-Scale Experiments and Modeling to Couple Biotic Weathering at Nano and Global Scales
Bridge J, Taylor L, Banwart S, Leake J, Beerling D, McMaster T & Benning L

(2011) Minor Effect of Physical Size Sorting on Iron Solubility of Transported Mineral Dust
Woodhouse M, Shi Z, Carslaw K, Krom M, Mann G & Benning L

(2011) The Role and Effect of Boron during the Crystallization of CaCO3
Vallina B, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Blanco JA & Benning LG

(2011) The Role of Inorganic Additives in Evaporitic Carbonate Precipitation
Roncal-Herrero T, Bots P, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Shaw S & Benning LG

(2011) The Role of Mg in the Formation of Monohydrocalcite
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Bots P, Roncal-Herrero T, Shaw S & Benning LG

(2011) The Transformation of ACC to Vaterite; An in situ SAXS/WAXS Study
Bots P, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Roncal-Herrero T, Shaw S & Benning L

(2010) Constraining Global-Scale Weathering Models Through Nano-Scale Ectomycorrhiza-Mineral Interactions
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Saccone L, Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Andrews M, Hardy K, Taylor L, Beerling D, Benning L, Leake J, McMaster T & Banwart S

(2010) Keynote: Fungi on the Rocks!
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Bray A, Brown A, Duran A, Schmalenberger A & Benning LG

(2010) High Resolution Functional Group Mapping of Fungi on a Mineral Surface
Bray A, Bonneville S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Wehbe K, Filik J, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Romero-Gonzalez M & Benning L

(2010) Influence of Soil Weathering on the Potential Iron Solubility in Soil Dust Subjected to Atmospheric Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Bonneville S, Baker A, Jickells T, Carslaw K, Mann G & Benning L

(2010) Selenium in Shales: Where is it?
Matamoros Veloza A & Benning LG

(2010) Invited: The Mechanism of ACC Nanoparticle Transformation to Vaterite
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Bots P, Terrill NJ, Shaw S & Benning LG

(2009) Keynote: Analytical Electron Microscopy of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces
Brown A, Bonneville S, Sader K, Benning L & Brydson R

(2009) Formation of Iron Nanoparticles during Dust Cloud Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Benning L, Bonneville S, Baker A & Jickells T

(2009) Influence of SO4 and Mg/Ca on Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Bots P, Benning L, Shaw S & Rickaby R

(2009) Interrelation between Biotic and Abiotic Mn(II) Oxdation
Behrends T, Shaw S & Benning LG

(2009) Invited: Quantifying Chemical Weathering at the Biotite-Mycorrhiza Interface
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Brown A, Smits M, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Leake J, Banwart S, Brydson R & Benning L

(2009) Signatures of Life in Ice (SLIce): An Analog Study for in situ Detection of Biosignatures Elsewhere
Tobler DJ, Benning LG, Fogel ML, Glamoclija M, Kerr L, Steele A, Amundsen HEF & Eigenbrode JL

(2009) Surface Composition of Fossil Coccoliths from Chalk
Balogh Z, Pedersen C, Skovbjerg L, Hassenkam T, Johnson E, Bechgaard K, Benning L & Stipp S

(2009) Which Trivalent Phosphate Controls Acidic Surface Water P Availability?
Roncal-Herrero T, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Benning LG & Oelkers EH

(2008) An in situ SAXS/WAXS Study of Sulfate- and Carbonate-Green Rust Formation
Ahmed I, Kakonyi G, Shaw S & Benning L

(2008) Bacterial Cell Walls – Promoters and Inhibitors of Mineral Nucleation
Behrends T, Scheinost A, Shaw S, Benning L & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Iron Nanoparticulates in Icebergs: A Source of Bioavailable Iron
Raiswell R, Benning LG, Davidson L, Tranter M & Tulaczyk S

(2008) Kinetics and Mechanisms of Silica Nanoparticle Formation
Tobler DJ, Benning LG & Shaw S

(2008) Invited: Organic Decontamination of Sampling Devices for Life-Detection Studies
Benning LG, Eigenbrode J, Maule J, Wainwright N, Steele A, Amundsen HEF & Amase 2005 and 2006 

(2008) Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Scattering Studies of Mineral Reactions in Complex Geochemical Systems
Shaw S, Ahmed IAM, Benning LG, Kakonyi G & Behrends T

(2008) The Fungi-Biotite Interface: Nanoscale Evidence of Weathering
Bonneville S, Brown A, Smits M, Jonathan L & Benning LG

(2007) Biologically-Mediated Weathering of Minerals from Nanometre Scale to Environmental Systems
Brown D, Banwart S, Smits M, Leake J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Haward S & Ragnarsdottir V

(2007) Nano-Scale Interactions of Fungi with Mineral Surface
Bonneville S & Benning LG

(2006) Pigment development in arctic snow adapted microorganisms.
Benning LG, Jorge Villar S, Fogel M, Steele A & Edwards HHM

(2006) The formation and preservation of greigite.
Hunger S, Newton RJ, Bottrell S & Benning LG

(2006) The Life Cycle of Nanoparticles in Acid Mine Drainage: An In-Situ Synchrotron Study
Davidson L, Benning L, Shaw S & Terrill N

(2006) The silicification of extremophilic biofilms: Abiotic vs. biotic
Mountain BW, Benning LG, Dunfield PF & Stott MB

(2006) Using microbial lipids in ancient sinters to elucidate past geothermal chemistry and microbiology
Kaur G, Hall M, Mountain B, Benning L, Schouten S & Pancost R

(2005) Greigite – Now you see it now you Don‚t: An in situ ED-Xrd Study
Hunger S, Benning LG & Tarasov KA

(2004) Arctic Hot-Springs and Self-Organized Rimstone Terraces at Spitsbergen
Hammer Ø, Jamtveit B, Dysthe D & Benning L

(2004) Thermophilic Biofilms and Silica Laminates: A Causative Relationship?
Mountain B, Benning L & Handley K

(2003) Metalliferous Stromatolites from New Zealand Hot Springs
Mountain B, Benning L & Jackson S