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UC Davis

Session convenor: 06f

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(2014) Multi-Cave Stalagmite Records of Deglacial Climate in California
Montanez I, Oster J, Wong C, Santare L, Cooper K, Sharp W & Potter G

(2014) Residence Times of Eruptible Rhyolites at Yellowstone Caldera: Insights from Zircon and Sanidine
Stelten M, Cooper K, Vazquez J, Calvert A & Glessner J

(2014) Speleothem Reconstruction of Last 1, 500 Years of Brazilian Climate
Wong C, Silva L, Montanez I, Cooper K & Horwath W

(2013) The Architecture of the Intermediate-Sized Quizapu Magma System
Ruprecht P, Bergantz G, Cooper K & Bachmann O

(2013) Thermal Histories from Crystal Records
Cooper K & Kent A

(2012) Insights into Magmatic Processes from Combined Crystal Age and Compositional Data
Cooper K, Eppich G, Klemetti E, Ruprecht P & Stelten M

(2005) A Mixed Message from U-Series Crystal Ages
Reid M & Cooper K

(2005) U-Series Crystal Ages in Mt St Helens Lavas, 2000 Ybp-2004 AD
Cooper K, Reid M, Donnelly C & Reagan M

(2002) Effects of Rapid Crystallization on 226Ra-230Th Ages
Goldstein S, Cooper K, Reid M, Murrell M & Sims K