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(2015) Evolution of the Oxidation State of the Earth’s Mantle
Danielson L, Righter K, Keller L, Christoffersen R & Rahman Z

(2013) Fayalite Oxidation Processes at Obsidian Cliffs, Oregon
Martin A, Médard E, Devouard B, Keller L, Righter K, Devidal J-L & Rahman Z

(2012) Tungsten Isotopic Evolution of the Earliest Terrestrial Mantle
Humayun M, Brandon A & Righter K

(2011) Subduction Cycling of C-O-H Volatiles from Sediment Melting
Tsuno K, Dasgupta R, Danielson L & Righter K

(2007) In situ High P-T Melting and Phase Equilibria Experiments on the Allende Meteorite
Danielson L, Righter K, Leinenweber K & Wang Y

(2002) Diffusion in Metal: Application to Zoned Metal Grains in Chondrites
Righter K, Campbell AJ & Humayun M

(2002) Mechanisms of Metal-Silicate Equilibration in the Terrestrial Magma Ocean
Rubie D, Melosh J, Reid J, Liebske C & Righter K

(2001) Radiogenic Os in Arc Basalt: Fluid or Crust?
Righter K, Chesley JT & Ruiz J