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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

Below are all abstracts at recent previous conferences in the conference archives authored by

(2015) Fcc FeHx at Core Pressure
Kato C, Ohta K, Hirose K & Ohishi Y

(2015) The Electrical Resistivity of Iron Alloys at Earth’s Core Conditions
Ohta K, Suehiro S, Hirose K & Ohishi Y

(2013) Crystal Structure in Earth’s Inner Core
Hirose K, Tateno S & Ozawa H

(2013) Low Core-Mantle Boundary Temperature Inferred from the Solidus of Pyrolite
Nomura R, Hirose K, Uesugi K, Ohishi Y & Tsuchiyama A

(2011) Spin Crossover and Iron-Rich Silicate Melt in the Earth’s Deep Mantle
Nomura R, Ozawa H, Tateno S, Hirose K, Hernlund J, Muto S, Ishii H & Hiraoka N

(2011) Medal: The High Conductivity of Iron and Thermal Evolution of the Earth’s Core
Hirose K, Gomi H, Ohta K, Labrosse S & Hernlund J

(2011) Volume and Ionic Conductivity Measurements of H2O Ice at High Pressure and Temperature
Sugimura E, Komabayashi T, Ohta K, Hirose K, Sata N, Ohishi Y & Dubrovinsky LS

(2009) Sound Velocity Measurements in Water at High Pressures: Application to Water at Lower Mantle Conditions
Asahara Y, Murakami M, Ohishi Y, Hirao N, Sata N & Hirose K

(2008) Effects of Spin Crossover on Iron Partitioning in Deep Earth
Li J, Gao L, Chen B, Alp E, Zhao J & Hirose K

(2003) Percolative Segregation of Iron Melts during Core Formation
Takafuji N, Hirose K, Ono S & Mitome M

(2002) Li Isotopic Systematics of Volcanic Rocks in Marginal Basins
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Hirose K, Ishii T & Sano Y