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No photo Kathleen Johnson
University of California, Irvine

Session convenor: 14b

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2014) Investigating The Age of Soil Carbon In Karst Terrains
Noronha A, Johnson K, Southon J, Ruan J & Hu C

(2014) Southeast Asian Monsoon Variability during the Holocene Based on Speleothems from Laos
Yang H, Johnson K, Griffiths M, Sekhon N, LeGrande A, Yoshemura K, Ersek V & Gideon H

(2013) Altitudinal δ18O Gradients from Chinese Stalagmites Provide Records of Holocene Humidity Variation
Hu C, Henderson GM, Liao J, Ruan J, Li C, Xie S & Johnson K

(2013) Asian Monsoon Moisture Transport 1999-2005 and its Implications for Palaeomonsoon Reconstructions
Baker A, Sodemann H, Johnson K, Baldini J & van Hunen J

(2013) North Pacific SST Variability and Drought in Southwestern North America Since 854 AD
Johnson K, McCabe-Glynn S, Strong C, Berkelhammer M, Sinha A, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2010) Developing Radiocarbon within California Mollusk Shells as a Proxy of Upwelling Intensity
Ferguson J, Meyer L, Johnson K, Santos G, Acaylar K & Tripati A

(2005) Fuel/Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting
Bruya J, Benson B & Johnson K