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University of Bristol

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Evolution and Differentiation of Sulphur in Sub Arc Environment
Matjuschkin V, Blundy J, Brooker R & Tattitch B

(2013) Control of Oxygen Fugacity in Piston Cylinder Experiments
Matjuschkin V, Tattitch B & Blundy JD

(2013) Cyclic Submission of the Aeolian Arc: Evidence from Salina
Moretti H, Gottsmann J, Blundy J & Sulpizio R

(2013) New Experimental Constraints on Slab Top Conditions
Skora S, Martindale M, Carter L, Blundy J, Elliott T & Pickles J

(2012) Diffusion Chronometry and Seismology: Insights into Eruption Precursors
Saunders K, Blundy J, Dohmen R & Cashman K

(2012) Keynote: Extreme Magmatic Differentiation at Dabbahu Volcano, Afar, Ethiopia
Field L, Blundy J, Calvert A & Yirgu G

(2012) Pressure-Induced Anomalous Isotopic Fractionation of Li in Magmatic Hydrothermal Systems
Teague A, Sherman D, Blundy J & Pogge von Strandmann P

(2011) Experimental Determination of the Hydrous Basalt Liquidus
Stamper C, Blundy J, Melekhova E & Arculus R

(2011) Experimental Investigation of Garnet-Cpx Geobarometers in Eclogites
Pickles J, Blundy J, Sweeney R & Smith C

(2011) Keynote: Magma Emplacement Durations and Rates and the Dynamics of Magmatism and Volcanism
Annen C, Blundy J, Caricchi L, Menand T, de Saint-Blanquat M, Schöpa A & Sparks S

(2011) The Influence of CO2 on Phase Relations at Mount St. Helens
Riker J, Blundy J, van Hoek C & van der Laan S

(2009) Linking Geochemical Signatures and Sulphur Contents of Arc Magmas: An Experimental Approach
Klimm K, Blundy J, Schollenbruch K & Woodland A

(2009) Monazite Solubility in High-Pressure Aqueous Melts
Skora S, Blundy J, Coath C & Bouvier A-S

(2007) Keynote: Magma Generation and Ascent beneath Arc Volcanoes
Blundy J, Berlo K & Cashman K

(2002) Keynote: Generation, Ascent and Crystallization of Calc-Alkaline Silicic Magmas
Blundy J, Sparks S, Annen C, Brooker R, Melnik O & Cashman K

(2002) The 'Zero Charge' Partitioning Behaviour of Noble Gases during Mantle Melting
Brooker R, Wood B, Kelley S, Chamorro E & Blundy J

(2000) Carbonatites from Recycled Eclogites
Dalton J & Blundy J