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No photo John Hanchar
Memorial University

Session convenor: 06e

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Discordance in U-Pb and K-Ar
Hanchar J & Villa I

(2015) Keynote: U-Pb, Hf, O, Trace Element, and H2O, Constraints for the Kiruna Apatite Iron Oxide Deposits, Sweden
Hanchar J, Westhues A, Voisey C, Whitehouse M & Rossman G

(2014) Ar Diffusion in K-Feldspar: Present and Absent
Hanchar JM & Villa IM

(2013) K-Feldspar Geochronology: Not Just 39Ar
Chafe AN, Hanchar JM & Villa IM

(2013) Partitioning of Nb between Rutile and NaAlSi3O8-, NaCl- and NaF- Aqueous Fluids at 1-5 GPa and 300-600℃
Tanis E, Simon A, Tschauner O, Chow P, Xiao Y, Hanchar J, Shen G & Zhao Y

(2012) Elucidating the Complex Thermal and Fluid History of Austurhorn Intrusive Complex: Zircon Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry
Padilla AJ, Miller CF, Carley TL, Wooden JL, Economos RC, Schmitt AK, Fisher CM & Hanchar JM

(2012) Icelandic Zircon: Illuminating Juvenile Silicic Crust Construction
Carley T, Miller C, Padilla A, Wooden J, Bindeman I, Schmitt A, Economos R, Fisher C & Hanchar J

(2010) Geohygrometry of K-Feldspars
Villa IM & Hanchar JM

(2007) Plešovice Zircon – A New Natural Standard for U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Microanalysis
Slama J, Kosler J, Crowley JL, Gerdes A, Hanchar J, Horstwood MSA, Morris GA, Nasdala L, Schaltegger U & Tubrett MN

(2001) EXAFS Investigation of Rare Earth Elements in Synthetic Zircon
Finch RJ, Kropf J & Hanchar JM

(2001) Strain Limited Rare Earth Element and Phosphorus Incorporation in Zircon
Hanchar JM, Finch RJ, Hoskin PWO & Watson EB