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No photo Jeroen van Hunen
Durham University, UK

Session convenor: 03b

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Deep Water Recylcing from Early Earth to Present-Day
Magni V, Bouilhol P & van Hunen J

(2013) Asian Monsoon Moisture Transport 1999-2005 and its Implications for Palaeomonsoon Reconstructions
Baker A, Sodemann H, Johnson K, Baldini J & van Hunen J

(2008) Geochemical Variations at a Ridge-Centered Hotspot Caused by Variable Melting of a Veined Mantle
Bianco T, Ito G, van Hunen J, Ballmer M & Mahoney J

(2008) Keynote: Some Geochemical Consequences of the Dynamics and Melting of a Veined Mantle
Ito G, Bianco T, Mahoney JJ, van Hunen J & Ballmer M

(2007) Intraplate Volcanism due to Small-Scale Convection – A 3D-Numerical Study
Ballmer MD, van Hunen J & Tackley PJ