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No photo Jean-François Boily
Umeå University

Session convenor: 10a

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(2015) Electrochemical Depiction of the Hematite/Water Interface
Boily J-F, Shimizu K & Lucas M

(2013) Electrolyte Ion Binding at Iron Oxyhydroxide Surfaces
Kozin P, Shchukarev A & Boily J-F

(2012) Electrolyte Ion Adsorption at the Hematite/Water Interface: Cryogenic X-Ray Photoelectron and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Studies
Shimizu K, Shchukarev A, Lasia A, Nystroem J, Geladi P, Lindholm-Sethson B & Boily J-F

(2008) Reaction of Aqueous U(VI) with Nano-Crystalline Magnetite
Ilton E, Boily J-F & Bargar J