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No photo Sandro Jahn
GFZ Potsdam

Session convenor: 08f 21e

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(2014) Invited: Cu Solubility and Complexation in High-Temperature Aqueous Fluids
Watenphul A, Scholten L, Beermann O, Kavner A, Alraun P, Falkenberg G, Newville M, Lanzirotti A, Schmidt C & Jahn S

(2013) Thermal Conductivity of (Mg, Fe)O from Ambient to Deep Mantle Conditions
Beck M, Haigis V, Schilling F & Jahn S

(2012) Ab Initio Vibrational Properties of Silica Species in Aqueous Fluids
Spiekermann G, Steele-MacInnis M, Kowalski PM, Schmidt C & Jahn S

(2011) 2-D Thermodynamic and Trace Element Models of Subduction Zones
Pöhle M, Konrad-Schmolke M & Jahn S

(2011) Structure of CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts Studied by Molecular Dynamics and Diffraction Experiments
Jahn S, Haigis V, Drewitt J, Kozaily J, Bytchkov A & Hennet L