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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Meta-'omics and the Geobiology of Giant Sulfur Bacteria
Bailey J, Flood B, Jones D, Fliss P, Dick G & Jain S

(2014) The Formation and Fate of Minerals in a Buoyant Rising Plume
Sorensen J, Breier J, Jiang H, Dick G, Tamura N, Kunz M & Toner B

(2013) Keynote: Anoxygenic Cyanobacterial Mats in Middle Island Sinkhole, Lake Huron: An Analogue of the Precambrian
Dick G, Kinsman-Costello L, Sheldon N, Biddanda B, Marcus D, Voorhies A, Snider M & Gallagher T

(2013) Microbial Communities Correlate with Lemon Creek Glacier Meltwater Discharge
Sheik C, Stevenson E, Den Uyl P, Aciego S & Dick G

(2011) Biogeochemical Patterns and Processes in Buoyant, Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes
Wendt K, Ananatharaman K, Breier J, Dick G, Edwards K, Girguis P, Sorensen J, Sylvan J & Toner B

(2010) Biotic-Abiotic Interactions in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes
Breier J, Anantharaman K, Toner B & Dick G

(2010) Metabolically Versatile Cyanobacterial Mats in Great Lakes Sinkholes: Analogs of the Proterozoic
Voorhies A, Biddanda B, Horne N, Kendall S, Nold S, Ruberg S & Dick G

(2009) Community-Wide Analysis of Microbial Genome Signatures
Dick G, Andersson A, Baker B, Simmons S, Thomas B, Yelton AP & Banfield J