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Gordon McFiggans Gordon McFiggans
University of Manchester
Theme chair: 15

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2011) Invited: Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Constraint on the Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Budget
Spracklen D, Jimenez J, Carslaw K, Worsnop D, Evans M, Mann G, Zhang Q, Canagaratna M, Allan J, Coe H, Mcfiggans G, Rap A & Forster P

(2011) Hygroscopic and CCN Properties of Marine Aerosol
Whitehead J, Allan J, Good N & McFiggans G

(2011) Insights into Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols Produced from Five Structurally Different Precursors
Alfarra MR, Good N, Hamilton J, Wyche K, Monks P, Lewis A & McFiggans G

(2011) On the Hygroscopic Behaviour of Marine Particles Enriched with Biogenic Nanogels
Fuentes-Lopez E, Coe H, Green D & McFiggans G

(2011) Simulations of Multicomponent Aerosol Processes on the Regional Scale
McFiggans G, Utembe S, Lowe D, Archer-Nicholls S & Topping D

(2009) Discrepancy between Measured and Modelled Behaviour of Aerosol as Cloud Condensation Nuclei
Allan J, Coe H, Crosier J, Good N, Irwin M, McFiggans G & Williams P

(2009) Invited: Novel Findings in the Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe) Project
McFiggans G, Ball S, Carpenter L, Gallagher M, Heard D & Plane J