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Helmholtz Centre Potsdam

Session convenor: 16a

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Denudation and Weathering Rates from Meteoric 10Be/9Be Ratios in the Amazon Basin
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Dannhaus N, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Guyot J-L, Maurice L, Llacer-Roig H, Filizola N & Christl M

(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J

(2014) O2 Driven Weathering Feedback Controls Low Saprolite Production Rates in Sri Lankan Highlands
Behrens R, Bouchez J, Schuessler J, Wirth R, Dultz S, Hewawasam T & von Blanckenburg F

(2014) Invited: Post-Glacial Topographic vs. Tectonic Forcings on Erosion in the Eastern Austrian Alps
Dixon JL, Legrain N, Von Blanckenburg F & Stüwe K

(2014) Quantifying the Weathering Fluxes of Mg from its Isotopes in the Critical Zone at Sierra Nevada, California
Uhlig D, Schuessler J, Bouchez J, von Blanckenburg F & Dixon J

(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation Factors for Polymerization and for Fast Attachment onto Si-Al Surfaces
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Hoellen D & Dietzel M

(2014) Si Isotope Signatures from Two Small Catchments in the Black Forest
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I & Sommer M

(2013) How Mass Balance Affects Isotope Ratios in the Weathering Zone
Schuessler JA, Bouchez J & von Blanckenburg F

(2013) Measuring Denudation Rates with the 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Isotope Ratio in Catchments with Different Lithologies
Dannhaus N, von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H, Kram P & Christl M

(2013) Keynote: Rhizogenic C-Fe Redox Cycling: A Sleeping Couple No Longer
Richter D, Bacon A, Mobley M, Oelze M & von Blankenburg F

(2013) The Silicon Isotope Record of Early Silica Diagenesis
Tatzel M, von Blanckenburg F, Schuessler J & Bohrmann G

(2012) Invited: Do Mountains Withdraw CO2?
von Blanckenburg F & Dixon JL

(2012) Iron Isotope Signatures in Magnetite Formed by Marine Invertebrates
Emmanuel S, Vinther J, Schuessler JA, von Blanckenburg F & Matthews A

(2012) On the Competition between Kinetic and Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation during Low-T Silica Precipitation
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Hoellen D, Dietzel M & Bouchez J

(2011) Si Isotope Signatures in Soils by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I, Kaczorek D & Sommer M

(2011) Speed Limits to Soil Weathering and CO2 Withdrawal
Dixon J & von Blanckenburg F

(2011) The 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Ratio as a Tracer of Weathering and Erosion
von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H & Dannhaus N

(2011) Keynote: Unconventional Matrices Prevent Novel Isotopes Turning Traditional
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Guelke-Stelling M, Oelze M, Ostertag-Henning C, Schuessler JA & Steinhoefel G

(2009) Characterising the Si Isotope Signatures of Si Pools in Soils Using UV Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS
Breuer J, Chmeleff J, Steinhoefel G, Horn I, von Blanckenburg F & Sommer M

(2009) Iron Isotopes in Marine Anoxia
Staubwasser M, Schoenberg R, von Blanckenburg F, Krüger S & Pohl C

(2009) Precambrian Seawater Fe and Si Stable Isotope Signature in BIFs Revealed by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Horn I, von Blanckenburg F, Konhauser K, Beukes N & Gutzmer J

(2009) The History of Open Ocean Seawater Stable Fe Isotopes from the Carbonate Record
von Blanckenburg F, Kamber B, Bau M & Webb G

(2008) Invited: Denudation Rate Meters in Mountain Belts: Big Brush or Fine Tip?
von Blanckenburg F, Norton KN, Willenbring JK & Wittmann H

(2007) Invited: How Fast do the Alps Erode? A Cosmogenic Nuclide Study on Central Alpine River Basins
von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H, Tina K, Kevin N & Peter K

(2007) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Ore Deposition and Alteration
Markl G, von Blanckenburg F, Wagner T & Horn I

(2007) Modeling Cosmogenic Nuclide Accumulation during Sediment Transport in the Upper Amazon Basin
Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F, Guyot J-L & Kubik PW

(2007) Quantifying Accelerated Surface Denudation as a Result of External Forcing
Norton K, von Blanckenburg F, Schlunegger F, Schwab M & Kubik P

(2007) Stable Isotope Fingerprinting of Iron Metabolism in Higher Plants
Guelke M, Scheuermann E, von Blanckenburg F, von Wirén N & Schoenberg R

(2007) The Cr Isotope Label of the Solid Earth and Hydrothermal Pathways
Schoenberg R, Zink S, Staubwasser M & von Blanckenburg F

(2007) Transient Landscape Evolution Following Uplift in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes
Vanacker V, von Blanckenburg F, Govers G & Kubik P

(2007) UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation Applied to Stable Fe Isotopes in BIFs
Steinhoefel G, Horn I & v. Blanckenburg F

(2007) UV-Femtosecond Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS for in situ Analyses of Si Isotopes
Chmeleff J, Horn I, Steinhoefel G & von Blanckenburg F

(2007) What Controls Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Acid Mining Pile?
Staubwasser M, von Blanckenburg F & Schippers A

(2005) Comparative Stable Fe Isotope Systematics of Terrestrial and Meteoritic Materials
Schoenberg R, Kamber BS & von Blanckenburg F

(2005) Experimental Calibration of the Fe Isotope Fractionation between Pyrrhotite and Silicate Melt
Schuessler J, Schoenberg R, Behrens H & von Blanckenburg F

(2005) Ferric Fe-Isotopes in the Early Marine Diagenetic Cycle
Staubwasser M & von Blanckenburg F

(2005) In situ-Fe Isotope Determination Using Femtosecond LA-MC-ICP-MS
Steinhoefel G, Horn I, Schoenberg R & von Blanckenburg F

(2005) Preservation of Fe Isotope Compositions of Iron Formation during Contact Metamorphism
Frost CD, von Blanckenburg F, Schoenberg R, Frost BR & Swapp SM

(2002) Ancient Landscapes in Wet Tropical Highlands, Sri Lanka
Hewawasam T, Von Blanckenburg F & Kubik P

(2002) Cosmogenic Nuclide Budget in a Glaciated Mountain Range (W. Alps)
Perg L, von Blanckenburg F & Kubik P

(2002) Paleo-Erosion Rate Record in a 1.6 Ma Terrace Sequence of the Meuse River
Schaller M, von Blanckenburg F, Hovius N & Kubik P

(2002) The Oceanic Mo Cycle over the Past 60Ma
Siebert C, N‰gler TF, von Blanckenburg F & Kramers JD

(2000) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Soils
von Blanckenburg F

(2000) Large-Scale, Long-Term Erosion Rates Determined from 10Be in European River Sediments
Schaller M, von Blanckenburg F, Hovius N & Kubik PW

(2000) Late Pleistocene to Holocene Erosion Rate Variations from Cosmogenic Nuclides in River Terrace Sediments
von Blanckenburg F, Schaller M, Veldkamp T, Kubik P & Hovius N