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(2015) Picrite-Basalt Associated to Ethiopian-Yemeni CFB and their Relevance to Mantle Plume Processes
Natali C, Beccaluva L, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Savo A, Siena F & Stuart F

(2015) The Nature of the Early Cenozoic Alkaline Mafic Magmatism: Implications for Mantle Source
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Boyce AJ & Barfod D

(2015) Tracing the Migration and Fate of CO2 in Natural and CO2-EOR Fields Using Noble Gases
Gilfillan S, Gyore D, Stuart F & Haszeldine S

(2015) Invited: What Drives Arc Magma Diversity?
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Brandl PA, Espinasa-Perena R, Solari L, Stuart FM, Vannucchi P & Zellmer GF

(2014) Crustal Recycling by Subduction Erosion in Central Mexico
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Espinasa-Perena R, Stuart FM, Zellmer GF, Ramirez R & Sochko M

(2013) Geochemical Tracing of Methane from Unconventional Gas Production
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine S, Stuart F & Waldron S

(2012) Tracing Subduction Erosion Through Arc Chemistry in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt
Straub SM, Zellmer GF, Gomez-Tuena A, Cai Y, Stuart FM & Langmuir CH

(2009) Altitude Dependence of the Production Rates of Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides
Ammon K, Dunai T, Stuart F & Meriaux A-S

(2009) Osmium Isotope Insights into High 3He/4He Mantle and Convecting Mantle in the North Atlantic
Dale CW, Pearson DG, Starkey NA, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Larsen LM, Fitton JG & Macpherson CG

(2009) The Age and Peterogenesis of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R, Stuart F & Lyle P

(2008) Is There a Hidden Primordial 3He-Rich Reservoir in the Deep Earth?
Stuart F, Basu S, Ellam R, Fitton G & Starkey N

(2008) Low-T Thermochronology Provides New Insights in the Mesozoic to Present Tectonic Evolution of NW Africa
Ghorbal B, Bertotti G, Foeken J, Stuart F & Andriessen P

(2008) The Origin of the High 3He/4He, High Temperature Early Iceland Plume
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) Any Supernova 60Fe Excess on Earth? Evidence from 3He in Ferromanganese Crust
Basu S, Stuart F, Schnabel C & Klemm V

(2007) Lithosphere/Asthenosphere Interaction in a Plume Region: Evidence from Ethiopian Mantle Xenoliths
Beccaluva L, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Natali C, Siena F & Stuart FM

(2007) No Role for Discrete, Depleted High 3He/4He Mantle
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) Spinel-Lherzolite Xenoliths from the Hoggar Swell: Evidence for Intracratonic Asthenosphere Upwelling and Lithosphere Rejuvenation
Beccaluva L, Azzouni-Sekkal A, Benhallou A, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Marzola M, Siena F & Stuart F

(2006) How long has the HIP been cool? The misunderstood youth of the Hebridean Igneous Province
Dobson KJ, Stuart FM, Dempster TJ, Persano C & Bell BR

(2005) Constraining Denudation in Scotland by Using a Combination of Low Temperature Thermochronometers
Persano C, Stuart F, Barfod D, Bishop P & Brown R

(2004) He-Isotope Characteristics of Geochemically Enriched Basalts from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Western Iceland
Williams A, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Johansen T & Trønnes R

(2004) He-Sr Isotope Constraints on the Mantle beneath the Monte Vulture Volcano, Southern Italy
Paternoster M, Martelli M, Stuart F & Nuccio M

(2004) Source of Radiogenic He in the Mantle Wedge: Constraints from Italian Plio-Quaternary Volcanism
Martelli M, Di liberto V, Ellam R, Nuccio P & Stuart F

(2000) Actinide-Helium Thermochronology; Progress and Promise
Barfod DN, Stuart FM, Persano C, Botor D & Gallagher K

(2000) What Really Controls Mica Rb-Sr Closure Temperature?
Jenkin GR, Ellam R, Rogers G & Stuart F