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(2015) Effect of Aluminum on Changing Hydrous Mechanism of Enstatite: Estimated by FTIR Spectra
Sakurai M, Sakuma H, Tsujino N, Takahashi E & Kawamura K

(2015) Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zone and Intraplate Settings Based on Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Burgess R, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

(2013) Magma Feeding System of Fuji Volcano, Japan
Takahashi E, Asano K & Nakajima J

(2013) Non-Ideal Fluid Geometry in the Mantle and Lower Crust
Nakamura M, Okumura S, Yoshida T, Sasaki O & Takahashi E

(2013) Sr Stable Isotopic Anomalies in Primitive Meteorites and Chondrules
Okui W, Yokoyama T, Uno M, Iwamori H & Takahashi E

(2011) Evaluation of In-House Metallic Standard for Siderophile Elements Using fs-La-ICPMS
Yokoyama TD, Imai T, Uchiyama Y, Suzuki T, Yokoyama T, Takeyama M, Takahashi E & Hirata T

(2011) Partitioning of Hydrogen between Plagioclase and Basaltic Melt
Hamada M, Ushioda M & Takahashi E

(2009) Pressure Dependence of Partition Coefficients between Olivine and Peridotite Melt
Imai T, Takahashi E, Suzuki T & Hirata T

(2007) Effect of Volatiles in the Partial Melting in Earth's Asthenosphere
Takahashi E, Bhalla P, Takehara N & Sato K

(2004) The Heterogeneous Hawaiian Plume
Johnson K, Ren Z, Takahashi E, Shibata T & Chang Q

(2003) Controls on Eruptive Style for North Arch Lavas
Hirano N, David C, Hirata T, Coombs M & Takahashi E

(2003) Geochemical Study of Tholeiitic Lavas from the Submarine Hana Ridge, Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii
Ren Z, Takahashi E, Johson K, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M & Orihashi Y

(2003) Invited: Rift Zone Magmatism at Puna and Hana Ridges, Hawaii
Johnson K, Ren Z & Takahashi E