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(2015) Invited: Natural Attenuation of Fluoride at a Former Aluminum Smelter Site
Vlassopoulos D, Carey M, Goin J, Voges H & Larson M

(2014) Suppression of Methylmercury in Sediments by Manganese(IV) Oxide
Vlassopoulos D, Goin J, Henry E & Glaser D

(2011) Hg (II) Sequestration by Ettringite-Type Phases. A Geochemical Modeling and EXAFS Study
Serrano S, Vlassopoulos D, Brad B & O’Day P

(2011) Mercury Distribution and Speciation in a Seasonal Wetland Impacted by Mine Waste
O'Day P, Serrano S, Stilson T & Vlassopoulos D

(2009) Sediment Remediation of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants with Reactive Amendments
O'Day P, Serrano S, Bessinger B, Illera V & Vlassopoulos D

(2008) A CD-MUSIC Surface Complexation Database for Modeling Oxyanion Sorption on Iron Oxyhydroxides
Vlassopoulos D, Serrano S, Kinniburgh DG & Parkhurst DL

(2008) Predicting Arsenic Behavior in High-Iron Subsurface Environments
Root R, O'Day P, Hering J, Campbell K & Vlassopoulos D