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No photo David Dobson
University College London

Session convenor: 21d

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(2015) Assessing Ar Solubility in Metamorphic Muscovite
Warren C, Kelley S & Dobson D

(2013) Invited: Anisotropy: A Cause of Heat Flux Variation at the CMB?
Walker A, Ammann M, Stackhouse S, Wookey J, Brodholt J & Dobson D

(2011) Invited: Kinetics of the Reaction Perovskite + Ferropericlase = Ringwoodite
Dobson D, Badro J, Meibom A & Mariani E

(2010) The Melting Curve of FeSi to 150 GPa: Implications for D"
Lord O, Walter M, Dobson D, Armstrong L, Clark S & Kleppe A

(2009) Absolute Diffusion Rates in MgSiO3 Perovskite and Post-Perovskite
Ammann M, Brodholt J & Dobson D

(2009) Keynote: The Rheological Properties of Postperovskite and Implications for D′′
Brodholt J, Ammann M, Hunt S, Walker A & Dobson D

(2006) Birefringence Analysis of Diamond Utilising the MetriPol System
Howell D, Jones A, Dobson D, Milledge J & Harris J