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University of Arizona

Session convenor: 19c

Abstracts by this author at Goldschmidt2013

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Keynote: Critical Zone Evolution by Jerks 16b/09:00/Tu
Chorover J, Brooks P, Harpold A, Litvak M, McIntosh J, Pelletier J, Perdrial J, Troch P & Rasmussen C

Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2014) Acid-Weathering and Uranium Speciation: Reaction Kinetics and Phosphate Addition
Perdrial N, Vasquez-Ortega A, Reinoso-Maset E, O'Day PA & Chorover J

(2014) Rates and Mechanisms of Uranyl Oxyhydroxide Mineral Dissolution
Reinoso-Maset E, Um W, Chorover J, Steefel C & O'Day P

(2013) Invited: Basalt, Granite, Rhyolite, and Schist Weathering as Affected by Plants and Microorganisms
Dontsova K, Zaharescu D, Burghelea C, Chorover J, Maier R & Huxman T

(2013) Keynote: Critical Zone Evolution by Jerks
Chorover J, Brooks P, Harpold A, Litvak M, McIntosh J, Pelletier J, Perdrial J, Troch P & Rasmussen C

(2012) Do Critical Zone Carbon and Water Fluxes Control Chemical Denudation?
Perdrial J, Brooks P, Chorover J, Condon K, Harpold A, Holleran M, Huckle D, Lybrand R, Troch P, McIntosh J, Meixner T, Minor R, Mitra B, Pohlmann M, Rasmussen C, Swetnam T, Vasquez-Ortega A & Zapata-Rios X

(2012) Weathering of Granular Basalt on a Volcanic Crater Slope: An Electron Microprobe and synchrotron-Xrd Approach
Zaharescu DG, Dontsova K, Perdrial N, Burghelea C, Chorover J, Perdrial J, Maier R & Huxman T

(2011) Impact of Water Sources and Flow Paths on Carbon in Streams of Seasonally Snow-Covered Catchments
Perdrial J, Brooks P, Chorover J, Harpold A, Heidbuechel I, McIntosh J, Ray J & Zapata-Rios X

(2011) Keynote: Integrating Climate and Landscape Controls on Regolith Depth, Chemistry and Mineral Assemblage
Rasmussen C, Lybrand R, Jardine A, Pelletier J, Troch P & Chorover J

(2011) Predicting the Fate of Radionuclides at the Hanford Tank Farm Using Analog Sediments
Perdrial N, Thompson A, Rivera N, Deng Y-T, O'Day P & Chorover J

(2011) Synchrotron XAS and XRF Study of Microbially Reduced Arsenic and Iron in Iron-Based Remediation Media
Root R, Alday F, Fathordoobadi S, Ela W & Chorover J

(2010) Characterization of Nano-Crystalline Fe in Basaltic Soils
Thompson A, Rancourt D, Chadwick O & Chorover J

(2010) Coupled Arsenic and Sulfur Speciation in Semi-Arid Mine Tailings
Root R, Hayes S, Schowalter C & Chorover J

(2010) Reactive Transport Modeling of Incongruent Basalt Dissolution in the Biosphere 2 Hillslope Experiment
Dontsova K, Steefel C, Desilets S, Thompson A & Chorover J

(2009) 27Al NMR Studies of the Impact of Tank Waste Leachates on Hanford Sediment Samples
Strepka C, Mueller K, O'Day P, Chorover J, Sunkyung C & Perdrial N

(2008) Evolution of Soil Iron Mineral Composition as a Function of Climate-Driven Fe Loss
Thompson A, Rancourt DG, Chadwick OA & Chorover J

(2008) Strontium and Cesium Desorption from Reacted Hanford Sediments
Rivera N, O'Day P, Choi S, Thompson A & Chorover J

(2006) Biogeochemical Monitoring Of Heavy Metals In Food Webs: Sources, Deposition, Pathways And Bioaccumulation
Chesley J, Reinthal P, Ruiz J, Corley T, Morfin O & Chorover J

(2002) The Effect of Mineral Mesoporosity on Amino Acid Adsorption
Zimmerman A, Goyne K, Chorover J, Kubicki J, Komarneni S & Brantley S

(2001) Dissolution Behavior of a Soil Chronosequence
Chorover J & Chadwick OA

(2001) Sorption of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid to Porous Minerals
Goyne KW, Chorover J, Brantley SL & Komarneni S

(2001) The Effect of Mesopores on Organic Adsorption to Mineral Analogues
Zimmerman AR, Brantley SL, Kubicki JD, Chorover J & Goyne KW