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Colleen Hansel Colleen Hansel
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Theme chair: 19

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Mn(II) Oxidation and Remediation in Polluted Environments
Santelli C, Chaput D, Hansel C, Burgos W, Duckworth O & Gardner T

(2013) Invited: Connecting Bacterial ROS Cycling to the Production of Mn Oxides
Learman D, Zhang T, Andeer P & Hansel C

(2013) Dark Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Freshwaters
Voelker B, Marsico R, Schneider R, Hansel C & Zhang T

(2013) Invited: The 15N and 18O Isotopic Signature of Abiotic Reduction of Nitrite by Iron
Buchwald C, Hansel C, Johnston D & Wankel S

(2013) Volatilization of Hg from HgS Minerals Mediated by the Coupled Activity of Thiosulfate and a Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacterium
Vazquez-Rodriguez A, Zhang T, Lamborg C, Santelli C, Brooks S & Hansel C

(2013) Widespread Production of Extracellular Superoxide by Heterotrophic Bacteria
Hansel C, Diaz J, Voelker T, Andeer P & Zhang T