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No photo Bjorn Jamtveit
Universitetet i Oslo

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(2013) Invited: Fracture Propagation Driven by Crystal Growth and the Role of Interfacial Fluid Chemistry
Røyne A, Meakin P, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Jamtveit B & Dysthe DK

(2012) Keynote: Mechanisms of Reaction Driven Porosity and Permeability Generation
Jamtveit B, Plumper O, Royne A & Malthe-Sorenssen A

(2011) On Carbonatization Fronts in Serpentinite: Implications for in situ CO2 Storage
Beinlich A, Plümper O, Hövelmann J, Austrheim H & Jamtveit B

(2011) Porosity Evolution, Fracturing and Liesegang-Banding during Spheroidal Weathering
Jamtveit B, Kobchenko M & Malthe-Sørenssen A

(2009) Growth of Complex Mineral Surfaces with and Without Fluid Flow
Jamtveit B, Hammer Ø, Dysthe D, Meakin P & Jettestuen E

(2009) Invited: Reaction-Induced Fracturing during Replacement Reactions
Putnis A, Janssen A, Jamtveit B & Putnis CV

(2007) Controls on Weathering Rates by Reaction-Induced Hierarchical Fracturing
Jamtveit B, Royne A, Malthe-Sorenssen A & Mathiesen J

(2005) Does Stress Affect the Dissolution Reaction of Calcite?
Bisschop J, Putnis C, Jamtveit B & Dysthe DK

(2005) Keynote: Fracturing-Assisted Reactive Transport
Jamtveit B & Malthe-Sorenssen A

(2005) Keynote: Travertine Formation and Other Pattern Forming Processes on Sloping Surfaces
Jamtveit B, Hammer O, Mark B, Simon D, Dag D & Jens F

(2004) Arctic Hot-Springs and Self-Organized Rimstone Terraces at Spitsbergen
Hammer Ø, Jamtveit B, Dysthe D & Benning L

(2004) Front Propagation in Fracture-Assisted Reactive Transport
Malthe-Sørenssen A & Jamtveit B

(2004) The Initial Eocene Thermal Maximum: Global Warming Resulting from Contact Metamorphism and CH4 Venting in Volcanic Basins
Planke S, Svensen H, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Jamtveit B & Myklebust R

(2003) Invited: Fracturing Assisted Fluid Migration in Rocks
Jamtveit B & Malthe-Sorenssen A

(2002) Deformation Assisted Fluid Migration in Rocks
Jamtveit B, Malthe-S¯renssen A, Kostenko O & Flekkoy E

(2001) Fracture Controlled Fluid Migration during Metamorphism
Jamtveit B, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Flekkøy E & Austrheim H

(2000) Retrogressive Metamorphism: Mechanisms of Fluid Introduction to Impermeable Rocks
Jamtveit B, Malthe Sörenssen A & Austrheim H