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No photo Athanasios Nenes
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Session convenor: 15b

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(2013) Invited: Surfactants from the Gas Phase may Promote Aerosol Cloud Droplet Formation
Sareen N, Schwier A, Lathem T, Nenes A & McNeill VF

(2009) Chemical Composition of Aerosols and Cloud Condensation Nuclei in the Eastern Mediterranean: Results from Long-Term Studies
Bougiatioti A, Fountoukis C, Kalivitis N, Moore R, Nenes A, Pandis S & Mihalopoulos N

(2009) Effect of Marine Biogenic Organic Aerosols on Cloud Properties: Modeling Study
Meskhidze N, Xu J, Zhang Y, Gantt B, Ghann S, Nenes A, Liu X, Easter R & Zaveri R

(2003) Enantiomeric Excess of Amino Acids in Hydrothermal Environments
Nemoto A, Horie M, Imai E, Honda H, Hatori K & Matsuno K

(2003) Prebiotic Oligomerization of Amino Acids in Lipid Vesicles in Hydrothermal Environments
Imai E, Furuuchi R, Nemoto A, Hatori K, Honda H & Matsuno K

(2003) Spontaneous Selection of Peptide Groups In Prebiotic Evolution
Honda H, Koyama A, Nemoto A, Kikuchi N, Imai E & Matsuno K