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No photo Alexis Navarre-Sitchler
Colorado School of Mines

Session convenor: 12g

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2014) Changing Soil Chemistry in Rocky Mountain Forests Impacted by the Mountain Pine Beetle
Navarre-Sitchler A, Pryhoda M, Dickenson E, Bearup L, Mikkelson K, Maxwell R, Sharp J & McCray J

(2014) Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Reactive Subsurface
Beisman J, Maxwell R, Sitchler A, Steefel C & Molins S

(2014) Reactive Transport Benchmarks for Multicomponent Diffusion and Electrical Double Layer Transport
Steefel C, Alt-Epping P, Rasouli P, Mayer U, Jenni A, Rolle M, Tournassat C, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2014) Invited: The GEWaSC Framework: Multiscale Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical, Microbiological, and Hydrological Processes
Steefel C, Brodie E, Bouskill N, Molins S, Arora B, Yabusaki S, Karaoz U, Spycher N, Maxwell R, Trebotich D, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2013) An Experimental Stufy of the Geochemical Impact of CO2 Leakage in Siliclastic Aquifers
Kirsch K, Navarre-Sitchler A, Wunsch A & McCray J

(2013) Invited: CO2 Induced Geochemical Reactions at the Pore Scale
Navarre-Sitchler A, Mouzakis K, Rother G, Banuelos JL, Wang X, Kaszuba J & McCray J

(2012) Invited: Mudstone Pore Networks: Characterization and Flow Modeling
Navarre-Sitchler A, Mouzakis K, Rother G, Heath J, Dewers T & McCray J

(2011) Changes to Porosity and Pore Structure of Mudstones Resulting from Reaction with CO2
Navarre-Sitchler A, Mouzakis K, Heath J, Dewers T, Rother G, Wang X, Kaszuba J & McCray J

(2011) Exploring Carbonate Aquifers and their Susceptibility for Metal Release during CO2 Leakage
Wunsch A, Navarre-Sitchler A, Maxwell R & McCray J

(2010) A Natural Analogue in Southwest Wyoming for Geologic Co-sequestration of Carbon and Sulfur
Kaszuba J, Navarre-Sitchler A, Thyne G & Chopping C

(2010) Importance of Porosity in Saprolite Formation on Basalt
Navarre-Sitchler A, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2010) Keynote: The Movement of Rock Particles Up and Water Pores Down Through Weathering Bedrock
Brantley S, Jin L, Ma L, Maya B, Ray F, Gernot R, Cole D & Navarre-Sitchler A

(2008) 238U-234U-230Th Chronometry of Weathering Rinds: Rates of Weathering and Isotopic Record of Soil Waters
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P & Brantley S

(2008) Evolution of Micro-Porosity during Basalt Weathering
Navarre-Sitchler A, Cole D, Rother G & Brantley S

(2007) Basalt Weathering Rates on Earth and the Duration of Water on Mars
Hausrath E, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2007) Invited: Influence of Porosity on Basalt Weathering Rates from the Clast to Watershed Scale
Navarre-Sitchler A, Steefel C, Hausrath E & Brantley S

(2007) Rates of Weathering Rind Formation from 238U-234U-230Th Chronometry: Application to Basalt Weathering
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P & Brantley S

(2007) The Weathering Engine Conveyor Belt and Corestone Size Distributions
Fletcher R, Hausrath E, Navarre-Sitchler A, Peightal B & Brantley S

(2005) Conversion of Rock to Saprolite: A Study of Weathering Rinds
Navarre A, Steefel C & Brantley S

(2005) Rate Control in Low Porosity Diffusion-Reaction Systems
Steefel C, Brantley S, Navarre A & Hu Q