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Session convenor: 06b

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Abstracts submitted to previous conferences

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(2015) Keynote: Water Distribution in the Continental and Oceanic Upper Mantle
Peslier A, Doucet L, Bizimis M, Hui H & Schaffer L

(2014) Keynote: Recycling of Oceanic Lithosphere: Water, fO2 and Fe-Isotope Constraints
Bizimis M, Peslier A, McCammon C, Keshav S & Williams H

(2012) Metasomatic Control of Water in Garnet and Pyroxene from Kaapvaal Craton Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Woodland AB, Bell DR, Lazarov M & Lapen TJ

(2008) Age and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of RBT04262 and Implications for the Sources of Enriched Shergottites
Lapen T, Brandon A, Beard B, Peslier A, Lee C-T & Dalton H

(2008) Trace Element Analysis and Petrology of Martian Meteorite RBT04262
Dalton H, Lee C-T, Peslier A & Brandon A

(2007) Low Water Contents in Minerals from Gakkel Ridge Abyssal Peridotites, Arctic Ocean
Peslier A, Snow J, Hellebrand E & Von Der Handt A

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation and the Oxygen Fugacity of the Mantle
Williams H, McCammon C, Peslier A, Halliday A, Teutsch N, Levasseur S & Burg J

(2002) Melt-Rock Reaction in Canadian Cordillera Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Brandon AD, Francis D & Ludden J