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Anders Scherstén Anders Scherstén
Univ. Lund, Sweden

Session convenor: 03b

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(2015) Episodes of Intraplate Magmatism in the Andean SVZ Mantle Wedge
Holm PM, Søager N & Scherstén A

(2013) Juvenile Crustal Growth during the Palaeoproterozoic: U-Pb-O-Hf Isotopes of Detrital Zircon from Ghana
Kristinsdóttir B, Scherstén A, Kemp A & Petersson A

(2012) Alteration of Zircon in Alkaline Fluids: Nature and Experiment
Harlov D, Lewerentz A & Schersten A

(2012) Hf Isotope Evidence for a Transition in the Geodynamics of Continental Growth after 3.2 Ga
Naeraa T, Schersten A, Rosing M, Kemp T, Hoffmann E, Kokfelt T & Whitehouse M

(2004) Gold: A Re-Os Geochronometer?
Hannah J, Stein H, Markey R & Scherstén A

(2004) W Isotope Chronology of Asteroidal Core Formation
Scherstén A, Elliott T, Russell S & Hawkesworth C

(2000) Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Molybdenites – Implications for Re-Os Geochronology
Kosler J, Cox R, Sylvester P, Wilton D, Stein H & Schersten A