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Alan Levander Alan Levander
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS-126

My primary interests are studying the structure and tectonics of active plate margins, modern orogenic belts, and the structure of the upper mantle under continents using active and passive source seismic methods. I participate in expeditionary research projects, having worked on various projects in North and South America, Africa and Europe. I am currently involved in projects studying the Gibraltar Arc and Atlas Mountains (PICASSO), and the Mount Saint Helens imaging experiment (iMush). I am also determining the lithospheric structure of North America using data from USArray.
Session convenor: 06d

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(2013) Continental Lithosphere Removal by Drip and Delamination Processes
Levander A, Bezada M, Humphreys E, Masy J & Schmandt B

(2013) Deep Crustal Melting Revealed by Pb Isotopes and Seismology in the Western US
Bouchet R, Blichert-Toft J, Levander A, Reid M & Albarède F

(2013) Three Styles of Delamination found beneath the Western United States
Humphreys E, Schmandt B & Levander A

(2006) Making, keeping, and maybe even losing ancient continental lithosphere
Lenardic A, Cooper C, Moresi L & Levander A