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Theme 03: Evolution and Dynamics of the Deep Earth

James Badro (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
Mike Walter (University of Bristol)

Team members:
Tim Elliott (Bristol University), Yingwei Fei (Carnegie Institution of Washington), Manuel Moreira (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris), Jim van Orman (Case Western University), Wim van Westrenen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Theme 03 sessions:

03a: Experimental Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Earth’s Early Mantle and Core
Convenors: James Badro, Mike Walter
Keynote: Bernie Wood (University of Oxford)
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03b: Estimating the Deep Mantle Water Budget from Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geodynamical Modelling
Convenor: Bruno Reynard
Keynote: Hikaru Iwamori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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03c: Mantle Redox and the Deep Carbon Cycle
Convenors: Yingwei Fei, Dan Frost, Bob Luth
Keynote: Hugh O'Neill (Australian National University)
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03d: Cratonic Mantle Processes: Insights from Diamonds and Xenoliths
Convenors: Maya Kopylova, Paolo Nimis
Keynote: Dmitri Ionov (Universite Jean Monnet)
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03f: Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth
Convenors: Tetsuya Komabayashi, James Van Orman
Keynote: Sang-Heon Dan Shim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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03g: Stable Isotope Fractionation at High Pressures and Temperatures
Convenors: Wim van Westrenen, Helen Williams
Keynote: Tim Elliott (Bristol University)
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Theme 03 related sessions:

01a: The Disc Epoch: Sources and Compositions of Early Solar System Materials
Convenors: Jérome Aléon, Ko Hashizume
Keynote: Sylvie Derenne (Univ. Paris)
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01d: Mars and the Moon: New Discoveries from Sample Science to Recent Missions
Convenors: Anne Peslier, Tomas Magna, Carsten Münker
Keynote: Zach Sharp (University of New Mexico)
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02a: Redox Evolution of the Early Mantle, Oceans and Atmosphere
Convenors: David Catling, Bernie Wood
Keynote: Ariel Anbar (ASU)
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02b: Geology, Age and Origin of the Oldest Terrestrial Rocks and Minerals
Convenors: Nicholas Arndt, Stephen Mojzsis, Janne Blichert-Toft
Keynote: Martin Van Kranendonk (G.S.W.A.)
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02e: Timing and Conditions of Core Formation in the Primitive Earth
Convenors: Caroline Fitoussi, Mathieu Touboul
Keynote: David Rubie (Univ. Bayreuth)
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02f: Primordial Differentiation and Destruction of Hadean Silicate Reservoirs
Convenors: Guillaume Caro, Vickie Bennett
Keynote: Geoff Davies (Australian National University)
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02g: What was the Source of Earth’s Volatiles?
Convenors: Sean Raymond, Bernard Marty
Keynote: Kevin Zahnle (NASA ARC)
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02i: The Evolving Early Earth Hydrosphere as a Geodynamic Tracer and Facilitator for Life: Constraints from the Supracrustal Rock Record
Convenors: Vincent van Hinsberg, Emilie Thomassot
Keynote: Kurt Konhauser (Univ. Alberta)
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04a: Chemical Geodynamics: 25 Years of Mantle Components
Convenors: Al Hofmann, Francis Albarède, Matthew Jackson, Thorsten Becker
Keynote: Stan Hart (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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04b: New Insights into Mantle and Crustal Processes from High Temperature Stable Isotope Techniques
Convenors: Bruce Watson, Anat Shahar, Craig Lundstrom
Keynote: Frank Richter (University of Chicago)
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04d: Influence of Volatiles on Mantle and Magma Processes
Convenors: Rajdeep Dasgupta, Alison Shaw, Dan Frost
Keynote: Hans Keppler (Universität Bayreuth)
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04e: Mantle Compositional Variability: From Ocean Basins to Melt Inclusions
Convenors: John Maclennan, Leonid Danyushevsky, David Graham
Keynote: Matthew Jackson (Boston University)
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04g: Merging Experiments, Models, and Geochemical Observations of Mantle Melting
Convenors: Paul Asimow, Claude Herzberg, Sebastien Pilet
Keynote: Peter Kelemen (LDEO, Columbia University)
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04i: Origin of Large Igneous Provinces: Linking Geochemistry, Geochronology, Geophysics, Geodynamics and Climate Modeling
Convenors: Alex Sobolev, Andrea Marzoli, Stephan Sobolev, Fred Jourdan
Keynote: Paul Renne (Berkeley Geochronology Center)
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05h: Kimberlite, Carbonatite, and Strongly Alkaline Magmatism: Source-Forming Processes and Relations to Basaltic Magmatism
Convenors: Sebastian Tappe, Dejan Prelevic, Graham Pearson
Keynote: Richard Carlson (DTM)
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06a: Recycling Agents in Subduction Zones: Fluids and Melts
Convenors: Joerg Hermann, Susanne Skora, Weidong Sun
Keynote: Carl Spandler (James Cook University, Australia)
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11b: Ore Deposits and the Role of the Lithospheric Mantle – Sponsored by SGA
Convenors: Wolfgang Dereck Maier, Sisir K. Mondal, Thomas Oberthür, Marco Fiorentini
Keynote: Steve Barnes (CSIRO/CET-University of Western Australia)
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19d: Dynamics of Earth Materials: From Isotope Fractionation to Spectroscopy
Convenors: Razvan Caracas, David Dixon

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19h: High Pressure Behavior from Impacts to Interiors
Convenors: Nico de Koker, Kanani Lee
Keynote: Burkhard Militzer (University of California, Berkeley)
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20e: Diffusion Controlled Processes: Nature, Experiment and Theory
Convenors: Ralf Dohmen, Jiba Ganguly
Keynote: James Van Orman (Case Western Reserve University)
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20i: Advanced Study of the Physical Properties of the Mantle Materials, and Applications to the Earth's Structure, Composition and Dynamics
Convenors: Tomoo Katsura, Stanislav Sinogeikin
Keynote: Yanbin Wang (University of Chicago)
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20j: Structure, Elasticity and Thermodynamics of Minerals
Convenors: Michael A. Carpenter, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Alan Woodland
Keynote: Boriana Mihailova (University of Hamburg)
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Scope of theme:
Evolution and Dynamics of the Deep Earth is a theme that covers the geochemistry, petrology, and mineralogy of the Earth's deep mantle and core, in terms of processes and properties, from 4.56 Ga ago to present times. The scientific sessions cover these aspects from the points of view of experimentation, modelling, and observation of deep processes and properties, albeit through their shallow expression. We offer sessions ranging from the origin and evolution of Earth’s core and primitive mantle, to the redox state and evolution of the deep mantle, the volatile cycle and budget in the deep Earth (with a special focus on carbon and the noble gases), the fate of subducting slabs, and the state-of-the-art in terms of the physical and chemical properties of mantle and core rocks and minerals (phases transitions, transport properties).