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Theme 16: Geochemical impacts of human activity

Steve Banwart (University of Sheffield)
Dan Giammar (Washington University in St. Louis)

Team members:
Scott Brooks (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Kate Campbell (United States Geological Survey)

Theme 16 sessions:

16a: Geochemical Processes in Mining Environments – Sponsered by MIBRAG
Convenors: Kate Campbell, Colleen Hansel, Kai-Uwe Ulrich
Keynote: Kirk Nordstrom (USGS)
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16b: Understanding the Fate and Transformations of Metal and Radionuclide Contaminants in Unsaturated and Saturated Subsurface Environments
Convenors: Scott Brooks, Dawn Wellman, Henning Prommer, Ann Miracle
Keynote: Chongxuan Liu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
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16c: Soil Carbon Dynamics in Managed Environments
Convenors: Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Donald Sparks
Keynote: Winfried E.H. Blum (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences)
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16d: Assessing Micropollutant Transformation Dynamics in the Earth’s Critical Zone
Convenors: Thomas Hofstetter, William Arnold, Heileen Hsu-Kim
Keynote: Timothy Strathmann (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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16e: Engineered Nanomaterials in the Environment: Strategies to Understand their Behaviour and Impact in Environmental and Biological Media
Convenors: Maria Romero-Gonzalez, Frank von der Kammer, Greg Lowry, Peter Vikesland
Keynote: Jerome Rose (CEREGE -Université Paul Cézanne)
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16f: Biogeochemical Processes in Management and Forensics of Legacy Radioactive Materials
Convenors: Katherine Morris, Maxim Boyanov, Albert J Fahey
Keynote: Annie B. Kersting (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
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16h: Environmental Implications of Waste Recycling: Challenges in Preserving Soil and Water Resources
Convenors: Emmanuel Doelsch , Armand Masion
Keynote: Roberto Terzano (University of Bari)
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Theme 16 related sessions:

07h: Oceanic Anoxia and Ocean Dead Zones, Past, Present and Future
Convenors: Martin Kennedy, Thomas Wagner, Anthony Cohen
Keynote: Tom Jilbert (Utrecht University)
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08a: Natural, Synthetic, and Incidental Nanoparticles, their Surface Characteristics, and their Interactions with Earth and Life
Convenors: Mike Hochella, Laurent Charlet, Frank von der Kammer, Jamie Lead
Keynote: Kevin Wilkinson (University of Montreal)
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08c: Biogeochemical Processes within Floodplain and Deltaic Sediments
Convenors: Scott Fendorf, Shawn Benner, Ruben Kretzschmar
Keynote: Holly Michael (University Delaware)
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08h: Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces: Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods
Convenors: Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker, Jean-François Boily
Keynotes: Paul Fenter (Argonne National Laboratory), Sebastien Kerisit (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
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08i: Mineral Nucleation: From the Atomic to the Planetary Scale
Convenors: Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco, Teresa Roncal-Herrero, Karina Krarup Sand
Keynote: Young-Shin Jun (Washington University in St Louis)
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08j: Nanoparticles, Interfacial Processes and Nuclear Waste Management
Convenors: Andrey Kalinichev, Stepan N Kalmykov, Melissa Denecke
Keynote: Sergey Churakov (Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland)
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10g: Organic and Inorganic Fluid-Fluid-Rock Interactions in CO2 Storage Systems
Convenors: Axel Liebscher, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Ann-Kathrin Scherf
Keynote: Bernhard Mayer (University of Calgary)
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10j: Giant Oil Spills and Environmental Impact: Past Lessons and Future Predictions
Convenors: Bill Mahaffey, Terry Hazen
Keynote: Ron Atlas (University of Kentucky)
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11e: Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology of Ore Deposits – Sponsored by SGA
Convenor: Gordon Southam
Keynote: Frank Reith (The University of Adelaide)
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13g: Atmospheric Dust
Convenors: Reto Gieré, Bernard Grobéty
Keynote: Vicki Grassian (University of Iowa)
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14a: Critical Zone Processes at Multiple Scales
Convenors: Heather Buss, Jérôme Gaillardet
Keynote: Craig Rasmussen (University of Arizona)
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14b: The Geochemistry of Landscape Evolution: Linkages between Regolith Formation, Erosion, and Chemical Fluxes
Convenors: George Hilley, Christian Mavris
Keynotes: Christine Alewell (University of Basel), Markus Egli (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
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14f: Quantifying Erosion and Weathering Rates and Critical Zone Processes Across Spatial and Temporal Scales
Convenors: Francois Chabaux, Anthony Dosseto, Arjun Heimsath, Rolf Aalto
Keynote: Clifford Riebe (University of Wyoming)
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17g: Dynamics, Mobility and Bioavailability of Trace Elements in Contaminated Environments
Convenors: Michael Komarek, Melanie Davranche, Carla Koretsky, Martin Mihaljevic
Keynote: Guillaume Morin (IMPMC, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
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17i: Linking "Omics" to Biogeochemical Fluxes
Convenors: Peter Girgius, Jutta Niggemann, Thorsten Dittmar
Keynote: Edward Delong (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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17k: Significance of Iodine in Biogeochemistry and the Environmental Sciences: Special Session Commemorating the Bicentennial of the Discovery of Iodine
Convenors: Yasuyuki Muramatsu, Glen Snyder
Keynote: Frithjof Kuepper (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
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19a: Radioactivity in the Environment: Damage, Solution, and Relativistic Effects
Convenor: David Dixon
Keynote: Richard Martin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
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19g: Reactions and Catalysis: Mineral-Water Interaction, CO2 Sequestration, Electron Transfer
Convenors: Nora de Leeuw, Rossitza Pentcheva
Keynote: Kevin Rosso (PNL)
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21a: Global Water Sustainability
Convenor: Chen Zhu
Keynote: Leonard Konikow (USGS)
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21c: Application of Noble Gases and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Isotopes in Waters and the Environment
Convenors: Rolf Kipfer, Michael Schubert
Keynote: Werner Aeschbach-Hertig (University of Heidelberg)
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21e: Fluid and Solute Fluxes Across the Land, River, Lake and Ocean Interfaces
Convenors: Henrieta Dulaiova, Thomas Riedel, Natasha Dimova, Hannelore Waska
Keynote: Henry Bokuniewicz (MSRC, Stony Brook University)
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Scope of theme:
By 2030 Earth’s human population will be greater than 8.3 billion with a 50% increase in demand for food and fuel and a 30% increase in demand for clean water, while mitigating and adapting to global warming . The challenge facing humanity is the increasingly intensive use of the ecosystem services provided by Earth’s Critical Zone, the near-surface environment extending from the atmospheric boundary layer to the depths of drinking water aquifers and the marine environment of the surrounding continental shelf. These ecosystem services include food production, purifying water, transforming nutrients, storing carbon, disposing of hazardous waste, providing habitat, and maintaining genetic diversity. The science challenge is the immense range in scale from that of Earth’s weathering engine, where rocks are uplifted, transformed, and transported at planetary scale to shape the Critical Zone, to rates and mechanisms of biogeochemical reactions that occur at mineral-water and organism-water interfaces . This theme addresses the current state of knowledge on how the geochemistry of Earth’s Critical Zone helps maintain these vital ecosystem services, how these have changed during the anthropocene, their tolerance to human activity and their relevance to the near-temrm habitability of our planet.